By Clare Briggs-De Gale

Jericho, oh Jericho, My dear
It’s four years ago you left us here
To the great beyond, you have gone
To none of us, you ever signaled or warned

You were a good son of the soil
You always answered Four Roads people and Grenada’s call
We love you and we will always remember you for this
Your family and friends will reminisce on your hugs and kisses

The people of WEE-FM still recall hearing your voice
You were the reason to listen, you were their best choice
Oh how we miss you so
We wish you were here to thrill us on radio even more

Christmas is on its way
Certainly “Men from the Mainland” wish ” you was dey”
To put humour in the parang music
And expose “dem” politicians with their tricks

Oh my boy, you are gone
Your memory in our minds, will forever linger on
In God’s loving arms you will always be
Since you have left us to reunite with Him and to be free

Sunrise: 13th July 1961
Sunset: 3rd November 2011

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