NNP is playing politics

I do not know how the people still cannot unmask the NNP and its true nature.

After fifteen years in public office, they are still continuing with the lies, hate, and spite.

Maybe it is worse now than before. Deep down in this government’s DNA, you will find political tribalism, victimization, lying to the nation about the true situation with regards to the investors who according the leader had no confidence in the NDC Government.

Grenadians were elated to learn that NNP was going to waste no time in bringing all of those investors who were line up waiting to come and spend their money in a political climate that was conducive to investment under a government which they can trust .

That was a big LIE – the NNP had nothing planned to take this country out of the economic mess and hardship, which he himself had brought to this country under his past thirteen years which was done in the most high-handed and reckless manner.

After wining the election, they start pushing Project Grenada – they must have caught quite a lot of Grenadians with that strategy. All of a sudden this Prime Minister gets really serious about uniting the country and calling for all hands on board when just a couple years ago he wanted to make it ungovernable.

Bluntly refusing to unite the country when the offer was made by Tillman Thomas after the passage of hurricane Ivan. My friends, let us stop fooling ourselves. Let us take a close look at NNP at work in all of its glory after fifteen years in office.

Could you imagine the type of scant courtesy they had shown to Kirani James, a young man who had brought more fame, pride and joy than anyone else to this nation through the biggest avenue – tourism.

This is a young man who came from such a humble background in a poor fishing village and who after every event proudly wraps Grenada’s national flag around him. Even the biggest thing that had ever happened to this country after the March 13th Revolution, his winning the first Olympic gold medal for a tiny Caribbean island situated in the Caribbean sea.

With a population of only one hundred thousand people and a land mass of only 344 sq. kilometers, 21×12 miles, a total of 133 sq miles. I am still in shock to see the same Prime Minister who had preached so much unity, could have had the guts to downplay Kirani

James while trying to bring a British citizen into the picture who father is from Grenada.

The fundamental difference between these two sports personnel is that when Kirani James wins for Grenada he wraps the Grenadian flag around him but when Lewis Hamilton wins, he wraps the British flag around him.

This government continues to do what they knows best to do – that is to destroy the young man who gave Grenada its proudest moment in history because of their own political agenda, bluntly refusing to appropriately name the Athletics stadium after Kirani James.

Shame on you NNP – that’s the same government that promised to support and cherish young talent in this country. However, to the contrary, they continue to divide this country.
Are we still looking for more evidence? Well you better believe it because that is the true nature of the NNP.

Kennedy Jawahir

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