Please, no cover-up!!!

I write with a passion.  Is there some detrimental virus presently in the air?  On Friday night last, suffice it to say I suffered an indescribable, intensive headache and what I may describe as convulsions Saturday through Sunday.

I tried contacting someone on Saturday but to no avail and when someone was able to reach that person was told that they too were down.

While speaking to someone on Tuesday, who had heard of my condition I was told that they too suffered from something and was wondering if it was a relapse, call it what you may, of the Chick-V. Thank God I am alive.

My big concern however is whether there is a covering up of a somewhat serious situation, which seems to exist in Grenada? Let me say emphatically that there are SOME very serious, responsible persons in our state and there are some who may be ignorant of what is expected of them.

Also some who know what is expected of them but blatantly shun their responsibilities – persons in very responsible positions in the public and private sectors.

These people operate in some private and public facilities, even in highly private acclaimed education facilities.

While Lawyers and medical professionals, possible among others may be sworn to some secrecy, when it comes to the national well being of the health of the nation, it is mandatory for all to inform the authority of any sign/s or evidence of anything that is detrimental to the nation.

There should be no covering up.  The question of whistle blowing and the effects it has on societies the world over has been aired worldwide.
The constant and loud appeals to members of the public to report incest, rape, child abuse, violence to women is sounded very often and loud and clear.

You may have heard or read of the outbreak of the foot and mouth disease in Jamaica and warnings that every effort should be made to avoid such happening in Grenada, but coming through the grapevine all is not well now in this regard in Grenada.

There must be no cover up …  let us know the truth of the situation.

Simeon Green

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