A future plan is a very good thing to have because it speaks to where one wants to go and how one will get there.  To me there is only two kinds of plans – a wise plan and a foolish plan.  A wise  plan is a plan where through Jesus Christ Almighty, God’s ways are considered and obeyed as the plan is implemented and established.  A foolish plan is one where Almighty God is totally left out and not considered.

The national development plan and what it seeks to achieve is doomed for failure and destruction, if it does not take into consideration  Almighty God ways, laws and plan of governance.  Grenada often boast and pride itself as being a christian nation, however in recent times we are seeing and hearing of calls and actions that is now more Anti-Christ than Christian.

These calls and actions will only result in God’s judgement and wrath being poured out upon Grenada and they are worst than the effect of climate change.  My contribution to the national development plan therefore are these:

(1) Stop the issuance of the mark of the beast, 6.6.6 in the form of I.D cards, Rev 13:16-18, continue the use of all other forms at financial institutions and businesses etc.

(2) Stop and block the legalisation of homosexuality and the L.G.B.T agenda, Luke 17:28-30.

(3) Stop the consideration and legalisation of marijuana

(4) Do not abolish the death penalty for its ordained by God, Romans 13:1-8 and that passage also tells of the form and purpose of government.

(5) Abolish state sponsored reveling or carnival for its sin. Galatians 5:21

(6) Intraoduce fishing in the curriculum of primary schools and stop giving a man a fish instead teach each child to fish

(7) As the Isle of Spice we should have a fully stocked spice shop on every major air and seaport in the world. Shame! We don’t even have one at our ports – we are asleep, wake up!

(8) What about putting secured national donation barrels island wide for donations from the  public and visitors regardless of the size of the donation for nation building?  I will say again if Grenada does not do, God will in his plan which is plain and right then this national development plan is doomed to fail and judgement will fall on us.

Grenada, repent and turn to God and please watch what’s happening in our world today.

(9)  Have a national dress code to discourage this half and three quarter nakedness we see by both men and women in our society today.

(10) Last but not least put into the school curriculum a prayer of acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour so that every child will have an opportunity to receive everlasting life.

Almighty God salvation to all mankind.


Dereck Sealey

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