Nickolas Steele – the new socialist

The visit of Chavez last Saturday brought back nostalgic memories of the 1979-83 Grenada Revolutionary with the flurry of rhetoric aimed at U.S imperialism.

Oh I said, Chavez but I meant Nicholas Maduro, the bus driver who was Chavez side-kick who replaced the Commandante on his death from Cancer a few years ago.

The official ceremony held for the Venezuelan President near the Petro CARIBE Plant at the Queen’s Park brought back vivid memories of the amount of communist leaders who paraded our shores in the days of the Revo  since the PRG boys provided the platform for a beating of the common enemy up north.
Maduro was eloquent, fluent and clear in thought in highlighting the socio-economic challenges of the world and the injustices being experienced by people elsewhere.

The Venezuelan President blamed capitalism as the evil that impacts negatively on the vast majority of people around the world, pointing out that the greed of big business whose influence prevailed in government and politics.

That rhetoric was expected from the socialist leader of the South American nation, following in the footsteps of Chavez; however, what was fascinating was to see the likes of Nickolas Steele, Alexander Otway-Noel, both from high profile capitalist families cheering the rhetoric.

These two were ably assisted in the cheering by Simon Stiell, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, former President of the Senate, Lawrence Joseph among others who gave the impression that they were enjoying the onslaught on capitalism.

I expect Peter David to be in sync with Maduro as they always read from the same script but not Steele and Otway, the lady minister who is from a bourgeois family in the south.

The echoing words of the President highlighted the opportunities provided to the ordinary people through socialism, and compared them to the quality of life under capitalism.

So the question that has to be asked is the following: “Is Nickolas Steele a converted Socialist? He seemed so confidence in his cheering and acknowledgment of the pronouncement on socialism.

President of the Senate, Chester Humphrey, who does not hide his feelings about not believing in God and being a communist was not visible on the GIS broadcast but he would have been extremely happy to see that today he and Peter David have worked miracles in converting the members of the Grenada upper class and their cronies – Nickolas Steele, Otway-Noel, PM Mitchell, Sir Daniel Williams, Dr. Joseph and others as new champions of the region’s socialist movement.

I saw these people applauding lustily every sentence uttered by the President trashing American capitalism. Waw. I thought it was American capitalism that brought back the PM to Grenada from exile to get a piece of the political action in Grenada.

Isn’t this the same Dr. Mitchell who, according to Wikileaks ran to a former U.S Ambassador in Barbados and told her so many things about Vednezuela not giving him money because Ralph in St. Vincent was bad-mouthing him with Chavez.

But in any case, one could understand Dr. Mitchell – his principles are determined on what is on offer – rank opportunism.

However, someone should try and have a conversation with Dereck Steele, the father of Nicholas because I can remember that the dad was put under heavy manners during the communist reign in Grenada.

Please ask Dereck Steele if he know what or who was able to convert his son to socialism! The same question ought to be asked of “Sleepy Otway” about his daughter since she will be inheriting if not already inherited millions of dollars from capitalism.

We are looking forward to seeing Nickolas Steele from now on sporting more red colors, reflecting the communist movement just like Chester and Peter!

The poor people of River Road, Darbeau should also look forward to Brother Steele off-loading most of his wealth to help improve their lives.

Mr. Nickolas Steele, you can now expect to receive in your mail a copy of the song, “Forward March against imperialism”, the national anthem of the NJM/PRG that had your father under heavy, heavy manners.

The Venezuelan President must come to Grenada more often, because he rekindles the great memories of the many dynamic anti-imperialism speeches and above all, recruit new members of the upper class for the progressive socialist movement.

How nice it is to have the brilliance of Nickolas Steele in the forefront of the communist world. Welcome Bro. Steele.

Ronnie Reagan

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