Child Protection and Punishment

What has this place come to? Lord! help us in Grenada! Is there anyone or are there any persons in charge or supervising this organisation?  If so, shame on you.

Minister, where are you?  Permanent Secretary, where are you?  If there is a Board, Chairman where are you?  Board members where are you?  Union, where are you?  Is everyone sleeping?  WAKE UP!

For so many years now, there have been so many negative reports about the persons running this organisation and what, nothing is being done.  Is everything being swept under the carpet to pretend that nothing is wrong?

The termites that would have eaten that board in question seemed to have infested everyone.  The name of a particular individual seems to be involved in very negative and questionable activities, children returned to abusive situations to “sizing up a driver (and actually punishing him).

Thank God the driver is a peace maker. Is this the example we want to set for our most vulnerable and troubled children?  Before persons apply for the many vacancies that this organisation claim to have, they should ask why so many persons left within such a short space of time.

There is a website and when I went there to get some information, there was absolutely nothing there. What are persons getting paid to do?  Is this the way tax payers hard-earned money is being used?

Come on people, something positive needs to be done for the less fortunate children of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.  This is Child Month and what are they doing, nothing! Shame on all of them.

It is time that serious-minded persons be chosen to run this organisation – people who truly have a passion for children.

Concerned Citizen

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