Live Life Now

Someone should have told us that the day that we are born is the countdown to our death. The days of your departure began counting down from the day you took your first breath.

This knowledge would also lead us to cherish and make the best of each day. So that we would live every day as if it was our last, making the best of each and every minute and every second.

We would love people and use things and not love things and use people. Maybe we would love people we have in our lives and love everyone we encounter for who they are, unique and beautiful individuals.

Maybe we would know how to cherish each other, as well as breathe and appreciate the simplistic delicacy of breathing. Maybe we would pay more attention to the incredible pulchritude of Mother Nature. As a result we would do our utmost best to be a blessing, to respect and appreciate each other’s time.

I like to think of my life as an hourglass, one of a kind and a gift from God. The day I was born that hourglass was turned upside down and my time began. Each grain of sand is a day of your life.

Once that first grain falls through there would be no stopping until each grain is below – there’s no timeout, no breaks, no halftime.

We really don’t know how much sand is in our hourglass but what we do know is that sooner or later it would run out. Although it seems like there are some hourglasses with loads of sand, because some live longer lives than others, it is important to note that it is your life and whether petite or large you must live every moment and every grain with passion.

Maybe your last grain of sand is falling through the hole right now, maybe there are just a few remaining, my point is, do not waste it.

If you are reading this then you’re still alive and I pray that the words in this article propel you to live your life to the fullest. I don’t mean live as in breathing but, live life with a purpose and a passion.

Live in all aspects of the word. Live not a little but a little because people die a lot. Reach your goals, contribute to society and touch lives, live well with each other, forgive and love.

Develop a love for everyone, love your family and be grateful. Grateful people are often the most successful in this life. If you’re not happy or comfortable in your current situation and you know you deserve better and trust me, you do deserve the best of everything and the finest things life has to offer.

Never doubt yourself. The power is inside of you to change or fix the situation. Life is really short, too short to settle for average, too short to not give your best and live your dreams.

Appreciate the now and be grateful for the present, because after all the now is all we really have. Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift – that’s why we call it the present.

Give your best from today, start now don’t put if off for tomorrow. The Lord’s prayer says, “Give us this day our daily bread” not asking for bread for tomorrow but today, the present, the now. Live each and every day of your life as if were your last.

Ask yourself when was the last time you did something for the first time, or when was the last time you actually did something you have a passion for. If you couldn’t answer or had to think extremely long about it then make a change for you.

You have places to go, things to do and love to share with people you meet. I’ve realized that it’s really not important how long you live, what is important is how you live. “Be free, and live life fully” – Caroline Shaw.

Nazzim Hypolite

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