Embarrassment and inconvenience on LIAT flight

On Saturday 5th September at 10:15 p.m,  I checked in on LIAT Flight 523 scheduled  to depart from MBIA, Point Salines, Grenada to Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.

I had my bags weighed and tagged at the LIAT counter and then waited to board the flight at Gate #4 to be seated at Seat 10C.

While waiting, one of the Flight attendants on board gave the instructions – the other attendant approached me and asked for my boarding pass, which I produced immediately.

She then asked me to take my bag and follow her. I complied and on reaching the entrance of the aircraft, the Chief Immigration Officer asked my name.

I told him my name, he took my bag from me and asked me to follow him. On reaching the bottom of the staircase, there were twelve persons waiting for me there – 3 men and 1 female in Immigration uniform, along with six airport security (5 men and 1 female) plus the LIAT attendant from the front counter and the other from the exit gate counter.

The attendant from the exit gate asked me who packed my bag and I reply, “I packed my bag”.

The Chief Immigration Officer asked me who is “ISIS” and I told him that’s my daughter.

I explained to him that my daughter lives in Trinidad and from time to time I would send provision to her hence the reason the name is on the bag.

The fact of the matter is that I passed through the front counter then through airport security with the nametag still attached.

I sat in the  waiting area for almost an hour then boarded the flight and took my seat after which I was escorted off the aircraft to be interrogated by 13 people for having my daughter’s name “ISIS” labeled on the bag that I was traveling with.

I felt threatened, frightened and very embarrassed and the Head Immigration Officer then told me it was nothing to worry about.

I have been treated like a common criminal for a reason I still cannot understand.

Question # 1 – why did it seem fit to the authorities to let the bag through and after so long choose to deal with this matter the way they did.

My plea is that I would like for this matter to be investigated and have the persons involved be held responsible for their incompetence and the embarrassment and the inconvenience that was dealt me.

Ivy Hinds

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