Grenada’s Unsung Hero

This summer, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and having a chat with Grenada’s successful Silicon Valley computer engineer and entrepreneur, Nicholas Earle Brathwaite.

Earle is one of the sons of Sir Nicholas Brathwaite, Prime Minister of Grenada from 1990-95.

As a proud Grenadian, I had heard of Earle’s success in his field in the United States and viewed some of his presentations to the Grenada Chamber of Industry & Commerce on television.

What I did not know about this still relatively young man was his humility, his commitment to the educational advancement of young people in Grenada (especially in the area of science & technology) and his deep sense of spirituality.

For the past four years, Earle has quietly funded Grenadian students to attend the Caribbean Science Foundation’s Student Programme for Innovation in Science and Engineering at the UWI Cave Hill Campus in Barbados.

SPISE is a 4-week long, intensive, summer boot camp for qualifying tertiary level STEM students from across the Caribbean. This year Earle was joined by the Grenada Co-operative Bank in sponacsoring one of Grenada’s participants.

Earle has also launched an undergraduate and graduate level scholarships programme for Grenadian students to attend McMasters University in Canada where he attended school.

Together with his wife Janice, he started the PETNA Foundation with the goal of helping needy and deserving persons and communities in Grenada, Africa and other parts of the world.

In talking with Earle I got the sense that even though he recognized his success was due to his desire to be the best that he could be, hard-work and self confidence – he also did not discount the opportunities, breaks and blessings he received along the way.

As a result, Earle is very motivated, passionate and committed to giving back to society and inspiring the next generation of Grenadian science and technology innovators!

He is a true Grenadian hero who reminds us that we can make our contribution to Grenada’s development wherever we reside in the world – at home or abroad.

I would like to put Nicholas Earle Brathwaite into the Grenada Hall of Fame!

Beyond that, I would like to publicly suggest to LIME to consider him for the cover of the 2016-17 telephone directory as a role model and inspiration to our many young people (and students).

Eugene Gittens

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