Patience is a virtue

I notice a measure of grumbling in the press and other social media outlets pertaining to the present re- routing of vehicular traffic in St George’s. The re-routing is an exercise that the Traffic Branch authorities consider necessary in order for them to properly facilitate the long overdue remedial work that is being carried out now in the Sendall Tunnel environs.

I believe that the Police Traffic department has done a very good job so far. They informed the public of the new arrangements well in advance of the work schedule, utilised relevant signage, and prepared visible guidelines for the diversions that are supported by uniformed police officers placed on duty at some of the city’s key traffic confluences.

Change is a factor in human existence. As a people, we have to try to have some patience as we cater to ever changing circumstances in our lives. Unfortunately, in order to enjoy the benefits of meaningful and beneficial changes, it is unavoidable that some measure of temporary discomfort would be experienced by somebody along the way.

This is not the first time that traffic has been re-routed in the town for one reason or another.

With the steady increase of vehicular movements in and around St George’s due to the unlimited importation of both new and used vehicles into the country, perhaps we may find that some of the newly introduced measures would turn out to be more user friendly than the former arrangements were.

We have not tried any re-routing for awhile that seriously attempted to alleviate the gridlock we experience in the city on a daily basis. And how would we ever know which modus operandi was better, if we do not try something new so that we can have alternatives to compare, one to the other?

The River Road, and Constantine road projects would also require that diversions and safety regulations be put in place to protect the state’s citizens from accidents that may occur on or near to construction sites.

We see similar preventative measures being mandated in other countries like the U.S.A, U.K or Trinidad whenever the authorities in those countries deem them necessary. So why are we fretting about the same thing here in Grenada?

Imagine if no precautions were taken, to at least partially restrict the access to the tunnel, and a large boulder unearthed by a tractor accidentally rolled down an embankment and hurt or killed a passerby? I bet that some of the same complainants of the supposedly inconvenient traffic delays at hand, would be calling for the lynching of the relevant authorities.

Roger Byer

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