NNP standing on dangerous grounds

In taking a close look at the New National Party’s core structure, anyone can see that they are going down a slippery slope.

It is quite amazing that the NNP Leader has included in his line up the same individuals whom he had most feared.

Do you remember the heated Parliamentary debates between the NNP Political Leader and the same Peter David while Dr. Mitchell was in opposition?

And when you see people like  Chester Humphrey, who was the main threat to the NNP in the mix, then you begin to wonder. These inclusions have me baffled, fully understanding the level of bad blood which existed between these former enemies.

Today I am in disbelief when I see the same extremist leftists join forces with the NNP because I have to look for what next.  By the way – was this one of the power  grabs whereby the Grenadian people have been fooled or it was a strategy to keep the NDC away from power as a result of recent developments?

As it relates to the power structure of the NNP, there are serious uneasiness within the rank and file of the party.

Think back especially with respect to that North American tour when the Foreign Minister was left out. She was most appropriate according to the nature of the trip …. inter mixing with the diaspora. Who is fooling who?

In my careful analysis, I am predicting a serious  power struggle within the rank and file of  the  NNP party. If one takes a good look, you will see who ended up being losers and who are the winners.

Clearly Mr. Chester Humphrey cannot represent the workers as he used to in the past. This of course gives the NNP much more advantage hence the level of complacency that they now possess in addressing  issues affecting workers because of Senator Chester Humphrey’s association with the NNP party.

I am also seeing Peter David as a potential leader of the NNP – one who will be forcefully endorsed against the will of its members.

As for the future, it will breed serious antagonism within the rank and file of the party’s long serving members, therefore, triggering off  a serious power struggle within the party and history will repeat itself thus making Grenada more conscientious of it historical name – Island of Conflict.


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