Breaking from the past!!!

A Prime Minister who declares his personal assert as (19) nineteen million dollars, still had the courage to stand inside the Parliament and viciously demand his seven days pay which was owed to him during the time the NDC was elected into office.

This is a man who is obsessed with power and could not come to terms being in the opposition, and one who often claims to love this country so dearly.

Imagine he had the guts to made a vexatious  claim during a Parliamentary sitting to pay him every cent that is owed to him after his defeat at the polls.

That’s the kind of message that we continue to send to the young persons in the society as we continue to preach patriotism and love for country. And on top of that in the same breath we continue to say how broke Grenada is while at the same time the very same politicians continue to make very strong appeals to businesses and corporate citizens to give their fair shares of aid and donations to help build and advance and improve the economic situation of the country. Who is fooling who?

In my view, we are using the wrong  yard stick to measure the types of people we elect as leaders to lead this country. We must take a page from the great American President Kennedy when he said, and I quote: “Is not what your country could do for you but what you can do for your country”.

When you have a Prime Minister who will say anything to the electorate to get back into office under his leadership – we almost lost the entire former administrative lot of land round the California corner to a BNP businessman as his personal property which was saved by former prime minister Tillman Thomas.

These politicians have me baffled. If we listen to the multitude of clips that were aired on this present Prime Minister throughout the media where he deceived the Grenadian people with his lies about 90 % of the times.

His promises are not consistent with his actions and Grenada can attest to that. How much more convince we need to be?

What are the signs we are looking for again to be convinced as a nation who has had almost sixteen years under this very Prime Minister. I am sick when I see people like Chester Humphrey literally wearing this parliamentary wig – he has abandoned the workers of this country who depended on his leadership so much.

What a sad compromise in the interest of power and self gratifications!!! This was the same union leader who wanted to bring down the NNP at all cost back then.

How do we expect to tell our young people to stick to their principles when the very people that they all look up to  for good examples have disappointed them so badly and continue to disappoint them.

I can recall when this very union leader used to lie down in front of vehicles and did not care whether he live or die in defending the rights of workers.
When you see Chester Humphrey being booed in a May Day rally I am still asking many questions. Is amazing how people can change. On the other hand I do not know how Grenadians could be forgetful of the same Prime Minister who went on a borrowing spree plunging this country into a financial hole that will take a toll on the future generation.

Politicians in Grenada should be held accountable for their excesses while in office and how they managed the affairs of the people.

It is very dangerous  to elect a government because you are tired with the other one – some who have not performed will just hang around and give some nice juicy promises.

We  have to brake away from that kind of politics so the future generation will not have the same mindset.

Kennedy Jawahir

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