Whither, Project Grenada!!!

The architects of “Project Grenada” must be having some sleepless nights.

With the euphoria of their marriage to the NNP now wearing off, the RMC remnants are once again seeing their hopes of regaining state power slip away like sand through their fingers.

Pedro, Boom Chess and the media mercenary cum women’s rights activist were rubbing their hands with glee after their role in helping defeat NDC in 2013.

For a while, it appeared that their nefarious plans were bearing fruit. Hamlet became KCM’s head media honcho, Ra Ra landed a big post as Ambassador to nowhere, the Wood brothers got their promised rewards, the caca-doh from Sauteurs gets little projects here and there and Chess & Pedro were placed in the Senate.

It was only a matter of time though, before the old guards in NNP began to push back. The rapid rise of the RMC elements created alarm among the stalwarts and they were only prepared to give Pedro a fringe position as Assistant General Secretary. That was a humiliating blow for Pedro, who went from an NDC 4 Star General to an NNP one stripe Lance Corporal.

The next one to see his star fade was the braggart, Boom Chess. After being roundly booed by workers at May Day 2014, the ex-lion was reduced to pot hound status in 2015.

In spite of his bravado prior to May Day, he was forced to tuck his tail between his legs to avoid being further embarrassed in the presence of Ambassadors Guerrero and Balaguer of Venezuela and Cuba, respectively.

Boom Chess must now know that he is as valuable to KCM as a flea is to a dog.

The unravelling of “Project Grenada” is further evidenced by the fate of the ambassadors. Attempts to foist Ra Ra on the NY NNPites met such stiff resistance that KCM was happy to send him to chill in cooler climes.

Imposter Wood will have to make do without his Asian doggie as he is now in an area where he can be more closely monitored. There is some consolation because both the English and Chinese like tea.

Pedro still adds a bit of value because he can occasionally bring in tit-bits from the southern mainland to help oil the party machinery.

However, not even that will be able to save him when the master manipulator makes his move.

KCM is so far ahead that Pedro is not even in the same arena.

When will these guys learn that the politics of connivance, treachery, revenge and spite will never prevail?

Harmless Mack

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