Irate over something!!!

Late last week I had the misfortune to witness a rather heated exchange between what I learned later was a top person in the Child Protection Authority and a driver for Island Catering.

In what appeared to be a dispute about parking spot at the National Stadium, it quickly became obvious that the person from the Child Protection Authority was rather irate over something!

While we are all humans and subject to the emotions that come with that state, I was shocked to hear the foul language used by the high up towards the driver of the Island Catering van.

Several curse words were thrown around followed by the unusual and almost laughable sight of what I can only assume was a female employee, physically restraining the man from attacking the driver.

Have we lost our standards to the point that a person holding such a position with a prestigious agency can act in such an undignified manner, looking more like an unruly youth than of a grown man employed to protect the nation’s children?

Have we no perspective any longer over what is important to our society and to life itself?  Parking spots and vehicles are worthy of that most uncontrolled reaction?  I sincerely hope not, for all our sakes.

Concerned Citizen

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