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Spice Mas is Grenada’s premier national cultural event. Under the administration of Tillman Thomas, Spice Mas took a new dimension with the establishment of the Spice Mas Committee (SMC).

The SMC was established so that the Spice Mas Festival would be run by a statutory body with some degree of independence from the Central Government.

Under former Minister of Culture, Arley Gill and former Chairman of the SMC, Collin Dowe, Spice Mas carnival was properly organised and produced. Despite the economic challenges facing the SMC, these two gentlemen did an exceptional job elevating Spice Mas to a new level.

The disaster that took place with Spice Mas in 2015 under Minister of Culture, Brenda Hood, is a national embarrassment to the entire state.

Minister Hood, given her extremely poor stewardship of Spice Mas and Culture in general, should be relieved of this portfolio.

In any democracy, whenever a Minister performs so badly on a national scale they would do the decent thing and resign. In Grenada, under the NNP that would never happen. It’s business as usual.

To have the nation’s kids out on the street so late because of poor organisation and subsequent late start to the show is unprecedented.

The parents of these kids deserve an apology from Minister Hood and the SMC.

It is a disgrace when a country is blessed with rich talents and these talented individuals are sidelined due to perceived political affiliation.

It is high time that Grenada’s senior and aging politicians become mature and manage the affairs of the country in a responsible and transparent manner. Grenada can ill afford to continue on this path with such poor quality management by those in authority given the scarce resources available.

This level of dottishness and backwardness is primarily responsible for the dire state of the national economy. Mitchell, throughout his tenure as Prime Minister of Grenada, has used his authority and power to marginalise scores of professionals to the detriment of the country. He is consumed only with retaining power at all costs, even taking Grenada to the claws of the IMF.

His backward agenda is now strengthened by the former revolutionaries in Chester Humphrey and Peter David who are now in bed with the notorious NNP regime. The lust for power has destroyed every facet of the Grenadian society including its culture.

The fact that every single show organised by the SMC was so poorly organised is a damning indictment of the credibility and managerial ability of Minister Hood. What this shows is that Minister Hood does not have the necessary skills and capabilities to manage the Ministry of Culture effectively.

Arley Gill, with all his flaws, was ten times more effective than Brenda Hood. Prime Minister Mitchell, if he cares about the state of Culture in Grenada, should do the right thing and fire Minister Hood.

Failure to take serious action against Hood will convey a very dangerous message to an already demotivated public service. His administration would be seen as promoting mediocrity at a time of serious structural adjustment and economic stagnation.

Grenada’s young population should be aware of the negative impact the promotion of negative culture can have on their future. Spice Mas is now a big national blocko designed to meet the needs of the political directorate.

The festival is allegedly used to advance the political objectives of the NNP. Given the interest that Grenada’ s young people have in digital technology, the proliferation of popular music among the young people has been phenomenal.

The NNP has effectively used this phenomenon as part of their election campaigns and so with elections not too far away, Spice Mas will be used to gear up the young voters into a party/wet fete mood in an effort to capture this very important voting bloc. “The destruction of the poor is in their poverty.”

Over the years, hundreds of young people have turned alcoholics.

Grenada is number one in the consumption of alcohol in the Western Hemisphere. It is extremely irresponsible of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet to allow this under their watch. Their families though are not seriously affected by this.

Government, however, should not shoulder all the blame. The people have a responsibility also for their own actions. The Minister of Culture and her colleagues seemingly do not care about the dangers that these young people are exposed to once they can get their votes.

Grenada cannot afford for next year’s festival to be plagued by the same problems experienced this year. Once Brenda Hood remains Minister of Culture these problems will increase. In my vew, Minister Hood is a very arrogant individual and the older she gets the more arrogant she will become.

SMC can change its organisational structure but under Brenda Hood it would be same old, same old. Minister Hood has failed miserably and must be replaced.

Prime Minister Mitchell has no other option. Fire Minister Hood or run themselves another disaster in Spice Mas 2016.

Grenadian Class

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