Your civic duty!!!

Let us start at the very beginning.  Does Civics form part of the curriculum in our nation’s school?  If it does at what level?  If not the time is long past for its reintroduction.

I recall it had been taught way back in the 1940’s at the St. George’s Anglican Senior School.  A book used then was written by H.H Pilgrim.  As a result of the teaching of Civics there and then many students who attended that school inculcated their civic duty.

Mr. Winston Whtye when asked his thoughts by the media recently on the introduction of laws relative to littering, he made a very valid point; words to the effect that the public need to be educated of their civic duties first, rather than charging them.

The same thing applies in the case of persons not answering the call to jury service.  It will be so much better to educate people of their civic duties rather than charging them for not answering the call to service.

Let me make it abundantly clear that I deplore the attitude of persons who litter, who even go as far as to say, “If Ah don’t do that how the cleaners going to get a work?”

The need to educate the public is paramount.  It worked when the request was made that there should be no smoking on public transport in most work places and even in some restaurants it is working.  Why? Education.  So let us start now.

Simeon Green

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