Keep the RMC out!!!

Dear Chief,

I have been a supporter of the party since the days of H.A Blaize.

I am green all over. I have always supported you and took your side when the split came with the man from Carriacou.

Doc, I believed in your vision for Grenada that the country will only prosper when the people have a lot of disposable income in their pockets to spend and spent and to keep the economy ticking.

I agree that the NNP might have made some mistakes in government by borrowing just too much money and never catering from the setbacks from the two hurricanes one after the other.

The NDC tricksters including Peter David and Nazim Burke were able to do a number on the NNP for the 2008 election and our party was voted out of power.

Doc, the people gave you another overwhelming mandate in 2013 to take back the country and to once more return us to the good old days of plenty.

A lot of the supporters voted for you Doc and not for Peter, Hamlet Mark, Derek James and Chester Humphrey. These RMC remnants are bad news and the sooner the party cut ties with them it is the better for us.

The top supporters in New York are turning against the party because of Peter and his sidekick Derek James. Every week Helen Grenade is writing a set of nasty letters about NNP and it all has to do with her deep hatred for Peter and Derek.

Someone close to Helen told me that she will only stop when these nasty RMC people are no longer associated with NNP.

Helen and them are hurt because they were the ones who stood up for the party in New York when the same Derek and Peter were saying all kinds of nasty things about you Doc and our party.

This nasty RMC was telling people that he was a lawyer in New york and some girl came to him with a story about something nasty that you allegedly did to her. This Peter David was boasting that he had the files on you. Today, I see the same Peter David eating from the NNP table after Tillman and Nazim Burke kicked him out of NDC.

Doc, this man is no good and is sabotaging our MP in Town, the Hon. Steele. Dr. Mitchell, please do not allow Peter David, Derek James, Hamlet Mark and Chester Humphrey to use you for their own political ends.

Some of the supporters are not happy that you attended the last big cook up that Peter had in River Road. How come the MP was not invited to the cook up? Peter only did the cook up to try and promote himself and to try and belittle Mr. Steele.

Why was Mr. Steele not present for Peter’s fete? Peter and his small clique of supporters will cook more food but will keep Mr. Steele out.

Doc, we ain’t giving up on Mr. Steele because when things were down in the party the man was brave enough to come forward. This Peter David was running all over the place as a big NDC Minister but when Tillman and Nazim Burke and them threw him out he run to NNP for rescue.

Time is running out for Peter David to make his mark in this country as a political leader. He tried to get South-east when he heard that the Hon. Gregory Bowen was sick and might not run again. Our supporters in the constituency don’t want anything to do with this man.

A lot of people still adore Maurice Bishop and will have nothing to do with the RMC who killed Comrade Bishop.

When South-east rejected Peter, the next thing we hear is that he was trying to line up himself to take over from the Hon. Clement in St. George North-east. The word on the ground Doc is that you told him that there was a vacancy in North-east and he should look at the constituency.

Peter ain’t have no NNP seat to get. If Peter wants a seat then he must heed the advice given by Scholar and go in the Bus Terminal and jump on a Grand Anse bus and take a seat to get a ride home in the south if he still lives there because ah hear he get throw out from the house by the Fall Edge.

Peter too dam fast. Who tell he that he can tell our supporters that he will be running in the next election? Our party has a process to select candidates and not even you Doc has gone through that process as yet. So how come Peter David has already selected himself as a candidate for NNP? Where is he running? It can’t be in the town of St. George because we intend to stick with Mr. Steele and not throw him out for Peter David and Derek James.

Doc, a lot of rumours are being spread all over the country especially during the carnival about your health.

As a loyal NNP supporter Doc, do not take chances and rule out them RMC boys as the ones behind the rumours. These nasty RMC are really good at a few nasty things like shooting down people on the fort and killing them and also spreading rumours and propaganda.

These were the same people that spread a lot of vicious lies on Eric Gairy like the album with all sorts of nasty pictures in order to belittle the man and take power from him.

Every time we go to bed at night, we expect to get up and see the sun next morning. Doc, I am sure as daylight that if you ask Chester Humphrey and Peter David to produce the album with Eric Gairy that they cannot present anything – all lies created by trained RMC activists under the tutelage of Phyllis and Bernard Coard against the Father of Independence.

Ah say no to Peter David, Chester Humphrey and Derek James. If they do Tilly what they did to him in 2012 and 2013 when they did not get power they might do the same thing with NNP in their thirst to get power.

Doc, an RMC will always remain an RMC and not true and genuine supporters of NNP.


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