“Farm Thiefing”

The  following  are my thoughts on  so-called  Praedial  Larceny or what I usually  call “Farm Thiefing”

I first  saw the  words  “Praedial  Larceny” in 1959  and since then, wondered why they  should give such  a glorified  name to such a wicked   act.

To my mind there should be a National  ZERO  Tolerance by ALL  Police,etc. to this act and the following  should be done:-

(1) Anyone found Trespassing should be beaten on sight or raced off our land and No Trespassing  should be allowed;

(2) Anyone found buying or selling stolen or thiefing  farm products  should be arrested and if proven guilty by the special law courts,should  be publicly disgraced by being forced  to  wear the yellow-green waist coat labeled “I am a Thief’ for 14 days;

(3) The Praedial  Larceny  Thief  should be made to work on our farm for 14 days or more depending on his violation of the farmer;

(4) A list of the names and pictures of the Thief should be published at  and updated at each police station and  agricultural station;

(5) Everyone  found selling  farm products  should prove the products’ ownership when challenged by patrolling Police;

(6) A Praedial Larceny or “Thiefing”  Court be set up ASAP on  a dailly basis to try offenders.

These are but a few  Ideas for the time being. If there are any questions for more details, please  advise.

Dr. E.R. Buckmire

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