Disgusting acts!!!

We constantly hear complaints and grievances being bandied around about the ill-discipline of the young people of our nation. What about the grown-ups amongst us, the older and supposedly wiser ones that we assume know better?

I was driving on Friday (19/06/15) through Woodlands Valley behind a white Suzuki jeep, when someone sitting in the front seat of that vehicle casually tossed out the skin from a consumed banana. The banana peel landed on the side of the road. Just as I began to fret to myself about this really shameless and ill-conceived act of nastiness…here comes another banana skin, tossed right out of the window behind the first, with a gesture of normalcy, as if this action was an officially sanctioned procedure for getting rid of waste. Taken by surprise at this display of downright crudity, I forgot to honk my horn in aggravation, or record the license plate number.

But the aspect of this encounter that is the most troubling to me, is, that when I eventually pulled alongside the vehicle to pass, and glanced across to see who the offenders were, I discovered that the vehicles occupants were both adults. A man driving and a grown woman in the passenger seat. Not a child in sight.

I believe that in Trinidad there is a program that we should adopt here in Grenada, whereby aggrieved citizens call in to the radio stations and report experiences of this nature. For eg, at about 10.00 a.m. this morning a black Toyota car license plate number etc, etc was observed travelling southbound on the Grand Anse main road, and someone from within the vehicle threw out a food container onto the public thoroughfare. Whoever this was, shame on you.

I don’t expect a police officer to be present each and every time these litter bugs perform their disgusting acts. So maybe we should try to name and shame them into compliance. On the other hand, can the people who carry out these kinds of acts experience shame?

Roger Byer
St. George.

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