KCM will fall!!!

After almost three years in office, I am convinced that the NNP came back to self-destruct because they had no plans about how they were going to govern the country.

Even the great spin doctors could not help them. I am quite certain that when the next general election comes around, the NNP will only secure one seat and that will be Keith Mitchell seat in the North-west.

I am predicting that Keith Mitchell will be the lone opposition voice in the Parliament. We must be mindful that he has lost a tremendous amount of support within the same constituency.

We must also understand that after every election, his support has been diminishing in the North-west. All the people can boast of in the North-west constituency is a couple of Community centers in almost thirty years and nothing else.

There is practical evidence of how the people are disappointed with the NNP and Keith Mitchell’s false unrealistic promises. He tomfooled the poor and vulnerable people throughout this country, and created and returned a culture of fear, hate and spite.

All this old talk about all hands on board, and let’s build Project Grenada, was a tactical power hungry grab of getting back in office to continue to create fear among public servants, hindering them from carrying out they duties.

That’s the same man who forcefully tried to hide his true colours on various television and radio addresses during the election campaigns, telling the Grenadian people that there will be no victimization and that he will be serving every one no matter which political party they may have voted for and every one will be treated the same.

What a lie. Today if you take a good look around the country you will hear the amount of complaints and cry from people, as it relates to the high level of victimization which is presently taking place in Grenada.

Jobs and contracts etc are only going to the cronies, and party hacks. Even the poorest persons are feeling the pinch – among them are the debushing contracts that are handed out.

If you speak to some of the same poor people who had supported the NDC, they will tell you that they will never get a day work on the de-bushing gang, simply because these contracts are handed out to NNP party hacks,who will look only for NNP supporters to give a job.

While these same politicians are taking home their fat salaries, some of these poor people are going to bed hungry.

Let us not forget, that’s the same people who are trying to create a one party state, so he could spend the rest of his life in power.

There are also some Imanis and other diehard supporters of the NNP who will be calling in at every radio and television program to counter every opposition to the NNP programmes and policies.

Some times they are not even clear on the topic but that’s the kind of politics they are embedding into the hearts and minds of those young persons.

Kennedy Jawahir

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