Grenadians caught in Keith’s Vice

Brothers and sisters may God save us from the Mitchell’s vice!  The Chinese on the left, the IMF on the right; we are “between the rock and a hard place”.

While Grenadians are being taxed into poverty only Mitchell and his goons are living lavishly.  Keith from the word go never cared about the suffering of Grenadians.  He has made his millions and now he has thrown the people to the wolves.

The Chinese are the “Greeks bearing gifts”.  In their keenness to spot an opportunity to enhance their global dominance, have recognised Mitchell’s insatiable greed for money and political power, and seeing the rare Jewel that is Grenada, have decided to feed his greed so he can choke himself to death.

However, the sad probability is that by the time he croaks we would have been swallowed by the dragon.  Let’s look at a few of the devices the Chinese are using to acquire Grenada.

(1). Build all the stadia and playing fields that Mitchell needs to fool the people, providing recreational centres for them to jump up and wave in their idleness while providing no means for skills and crafts training that will ensure individual development and independence.

(2). Building low-income housing on some of our most productive agricultural lands that were once cultivated under cocoa, nutmeg, bananas, breadfruits, citrus and other assorted fruits; literally creating ghettos where teenage mothers would breed unwanted babies who increase the criminal elements in our already lawless society.

It’s like a recreation of the WELFARE state of New York City under John Lindsey of the 1960’s brought to Grenada in 2015 under Keith Mitchell.  This is truly a wicked, insidious plan, for by creating a larger dependent population; the Chinese with their large reserve of cash can show some benevolence to our suffering masses by providing some measure of subsistence to the beggars Mitchell spawned.

As I pen this article the Chinese will not allow their destitute of China to enter or live in Beijing – their Capital city.  Why? I question why would China with its 1.5 billion inhabitants, almost 1/3 of the world’s population of roughly 7 billion people, require a visa – less exchange of our citizens; once a miniscule dot of 110 thousand people?

I propose here that it is simply to pour millions of its suffocating people to a richer, cleaner trusting haven, with endless agricultural possibilities.  They are certainly aware of the huge agricultural potential of Grenada and the aversion that Mitchell and his hapless cronies have for the soil; and our addiction to fun and laziness; they realise here is a gem for the taking and they could have it for a dime. Wake up brothers and sisters, the Trojan horse is about to open its door and shortly we shall be speaking Chinese patois.

The IMF is not salvation; we are already feeling the pressure from its imposed conditions.  I am a strong  believer in “collective guilt and collective responsibility” so everyone on the Keith Mitchell team is responsible for our economic condition today.  Their narrow self-interest condemns them to account for their support of his mind-boggling wasteful spending.  Their complete lack of statecraft has saddled us with the elite club of the IMF.  There is no escape here.

Greece, the cradle of democracy, is feeling the hammer of the IMF at present.  Their lavishness and airy approach to living have caught up with them.  They were one of the 12 original members of the European Union, along with Germany, France and Italy.  Today Germany is independently wealthy while Greece is begging her to save it from state bankruptcy.

There is a serious lesson to be learnt here.  I learnt it from my mother’s lap.  My “Son” she would caution “never hang your hat where your hand can’t reach; “another of her favourite sayings, “never spend more than you earn”.  I have never forgotten them and they have served me well over the years.

While the pressure from the IMF filters to every Grenadian, Keith, as devious as he might be, cannot escape the headache, and he certainly deserves it.  He must reap what he has sown.  Actually we should have him climb the gru-gru tree.  He is clearly not a visionary; however, he is clever enough to seek cover.

Look at some of the places he is seeking for escape:

(a) The Conference of Churches (worst manipulators of the poor) as though these magicians can help him escape the IMF.  They can get together and say they are speaking to God, but God cannot hear Godless men.

(b) A fifteen (15) year development programme.  What a shame!  He brambled us for thirteen (13) years his God-given prime number; he is a Mathematician, he should understand what prime numbers mean.  Keith is at the point of diminishing return

(c) Associating with “decent” respectable women – poor ladies!  He is hunting for credibility by association.  Brave fellow, sometimes I must say, I admire his skills at deception.  But one cannot survive long by lies and deception,

(d) More investors on stream – God forbid!, (e) Creation of a new constitution – what a farce!  Constitution for what – a one party state?
Keith does not deserve nor should he find a hiding place.  No self-respecting, honest individual, should empathize is his demise.

He has brought us hell in the IMF, let’s stick it to him.  One should not prosper from lies and deception.  You cannot keep promising and not delivering.  Time will eventually betray you.

I grow justly weary of our politicians, more so with Keith Mitchell.

He is truly objectionable.  However, I will council this; as an old man it should not matter much to me but, as a son who dearly loves his mother country. I say do not give up on politics. Keep hoping and praying for a committed leader who truly feels and understand the suffering of his people, for “politics in all its grubby, grasping, corrupt, contemptible manifestations is sovereign in human affairs – everything ultimately rests upon it”.

 Dennis Canning

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