Rethinking Education, Reshaping Economies for a Sustainable Future

By Clare D Briggs-De Gale

There must always be constant thought about education,
Since this is the driving force for the building of the nation.
It is with this level of professionalism in mind,
That our youth will learn to develop themselves.

Teachers will build and reshape the future for our youth,
So as to enhance nation-building, as they strive for the truth.
A well educated youthful population is what Grenada needs,
To transform the economy as our nation succeeds.

If conditions in the education system are conducive to learning,
Then, this will create positive work attitude for teachers and students when they are performing.
In various areas where there are challenges now,
Teachers will be motivated to become fully-fledged managers somehow.

Economic growth must be attainable as the curriculum is imparted,
Through institutional changes which are accurately decided.
Students must be encouraged to become more assertive and self-reliant,
As they explore entrepreneurial skills, Clothing and Textiles,
Information Technology and Agriculture, as they plant.

Tourism, as the mainstay of our economy,
Must provide services which are exemplary.
So that visitors will be satisfied,
To find ‘a home away from home” for some time to reside.

Sustainable development will propel plans for the future,
And ensure that our resources last much longer.
Through such actions our youth will benefit tremendously,
As they learn to operate with greater dedication and efficiency.

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