The future of Fish Friday!!!

Fish Friday is a festivity that brings some real hope to the people at Gouyave.
After years of lack of economic activities within the fishing mecca, or the fishing capital of Grenada, which is Gouyave, these fisherfolks, were able to accept and appreciate, the innovative, and creative idea that was brought to them by two of Grenada most respectable citizens from that very village.

I am talking about Dr. George Vincent, introducing the idea,  and Judy  Williams, nurturing, and guiding such a wonderful festivity. However, after many years of operation, that has clearly enhanced Grenada’s tourism product and is well marketed abroad, as part of our tourism product.

But unfortunately, this festivity started to loose its original purpose by not adjusting according to how the  visitors were able to patronize. People have lost interest in this activity and it has clearly changed.

Fish Friday is now on a downwards spiral because it seems to me, that no one is listening. The prices charged are ridiculous. I honestly don’t know how long again before they loose this festivity completely.

Just two days ago, I was speaking to two British tourists who fell in love with Grenada, and have been visiting Fish Friday.   However, they said it is getting worse, and that they do not know if they will be visiting Fish Friday any more.

One of the visitors went on to say that he was in shock to see the tiny portion of fish he had received for one hundred dollars. This trend of thinking is making it very difficult for local persons visiting this festivity.

To me it is like, there is a mentality that the tourists have a lot of money, forgetting that some of these same tourists are on strict budget, and are no better off than some Grenadians who are fighting to make ends meet.

Some of these people some times have to make serious sacrifices to take a vacation. There is another factor that is also contributing to the downfall of Fish Friday, and that is some taxi drivers and tour operators after two hours at the festivity site are ready to take them back to the hotels, especially when they are not charging by the hour.

I am reminding the people who are presently responsible to please remember that Barbados had made the same mistake by prizing themselves  out of the tourism market in the 1970s.

We don’t have to make the same mistakes – we should learn from other people’s mistakes. I, myself have observed how pricey is the portion of fish. To me the local people may now have to compete  with the price that the tourists can pay.

At the same time, Fish Friday needs a different venue with much more space. It is now obvious that the two little, narrow streets are inadequate, it is very congested, and the organisers have to address this with a great deal of urgency.

If not done then in my view, Fish Friday will be history.

Kennedy Jawahir

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