The writing is on the wall, NNP will fall

Grenada seems to be on the verge of a major social, political and economic catastrophe as the country and its citizens suffer under a severe economic crisis.

Keith Mitchell and the NNP promised jobs and more jobs in 2013, and as 2016 approaches these jobs are nowhere to be seen. Unemployment is rampant especially among the young people. Thousands of these said young people were instrumental in putting the NNP back into office.

These young people were attracted to the NNP because of the party’s jump and wave election campaign. They voted with their bellies and not with their head. Today they are suffering the dire consequences of their action.

In a few months time thousands of young persons will join the unemployment roll and breadline from the various secondary schools, TAMCC and the St George’s University.

The government has absolutely no plan for the thousands of young people that would soon be out of school. In the past, hundreds of young persons had the option of migrating to the USA or Canada. This door has been shut since the Canadian government imposed visa restrictions on Grenadians as a result of the controversial Citizenship by Investment program.

The trust and confidence that these young people placed in Keith Mitchell and the NNP had been betrayed. Many are finding it extremely difficult to cope with the situation and have turned to alcohol and drug abuse as a means of getting away from the social and economic malaise.

Prostitution seems to be the only job available for our young women and many of them as young as 12 years old are engaging in pornography and nudity on the social media as a means of earning some needed cash.

The NNP administration of Keith Mitchell is struggling to deliver on the many pie in the sky promises made in the last general elections and the effects of these false promises are being felt throughout the length and breadth of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.

Apart from these young persons joining the breadline, thousands of young Imani trainees will be sent home this year having completed their two years training program. The NNP administration is facing a major social problem, however no one seems to care.

The young people are frustrated to the point where many of them are contemplating committing suicide. The increase in youth on youth crime and violence is as a direct consequence of joblessness and hopelessness. Idle hands is the devil workshop.

The sad thing is that, while the unemployment rate among the young people is approaching crisis proportion, Keith Mitchell and the NNP are busy planning how to fool these said young voters come the next general elections. Given their desperation and lack of knowledge he may yet succeed. Time alone will tell.

If Keith Mitchell and the NNP succeed in fooling these young people again then one thing is certain and that is Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique will remain a broken country for many decades to come. A country that fails to put its young population to work is a failed state.

As the economy worsens and the vast majority of people become poorer and poorer, a certain section of the population is having a good time.

This section are the cronies of the New National Party, their friends and families. Many Grenadians are too naive to see that they voted for these politicians to enrich themselves, while the electorate remain poor. One would expect that in this 21st century Grenadians would be wise enough to make sensible choices in the interest of their own well being.

The burden of taxation is taking its toll on the middle class. The Prime Minister allegedly has a grudge with this voting block and is doing everything within his powers to destroy the middle class.

The current situation is unsustainable. Keith Mitchell and the NNP have failed the nation miserably. The optimism that the voters had following the elections has evaporated into thin air. The masses have lost faith in this administration. The country is on ‘auto pilot’ with absolutely no leadership from the Prime Minister and his Cabinet of Ministers. MPs are hiding from their constituents since they have nothing to offer.

Keith Mitchell and his NNP administration are holding the Grenadian people hostage. With so much joblessness many persons have been reduced to ‘economic slaves’. Parents can’t afford to send their children to school as a result of lack of financial resources.

Government is now demanding that the Imani trainees pay $75 dollars for them to receive their training. The two Ministers of Sports Emmalin Pierre and Sheldon Scott are both failures. They haven’t been able to manage the Imani program effectively and productively. The program is marred by political interference and partisanship.

Politically, the leftist faction within the NNP, allegedly led by Chester Humphrey and Peter David, is licking their wounds following the NNP Convention. It was their hope that Peter David would be elected as the deputy Political Leader of the party. This wasn’t to be and he was given the consolation prize of deputy General Secretary, a demotion to his status that he once had in the NDC.

As a member of the NDC he was the party’s General Secretary, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism. Today he is a Senator within the NNP administration. He bit the finger that fed him only to become a ‘political nincompoop’ in the house of the NNP. His selfishness and disloyalty are responsible for where the country is today. He allegedly colluded with Mitchell to bring down the NDC, and today this unholy alliance can’t deliver on what they promised the electorate.

As Peter David’s patience wears thin it will be very interesting to see what his next political move will be. History shows that his political life span is a mere four and a half years, after which he must do something stupid.

A dark and ominous cloud of political uncertainty hangs over St George’s, River Road, St Paul’s and Happy Hill. The leftist elements within the NNP are plotting and planning daily. They are looked upon with great suspicion by the conservative wing of the party.

Prime Minister Mitchell has been uncharacteristically very quiet. He seems to be overwhelmed by the task and challenges confronting him. He is now cornered by the ‘ball heads’ and may be looking for a way out. He is feeling the pressure from within his own party from Peter David and from the political leader of the NDC, Nazim Burke. How he manages this pressure from the ‘ball heads’ only time will tell.

Things are really bad in Grenada. Mitchell and the NNP don’t have a clue of how to fix the economy. The economy is stupid and no one seems to know what to say or do to increase productivity. The once powerful union boss Humphrey didn’t even have the courage to address members of TAWU at their May Day celebrations.

The IMF is the big bag wolf in town controlling the string to the purse. The old days of massive borrowing and spending by Keith Mitchell and the NNP are over. Reality has stepped in and this administration is a lame duck administration. The Prime Minister and his Cabinet all seems to be enjoying their pre-retirement while the rest of the country suffers.

As the hurricane season approaches let us hope and pray for a good season. The country is already suffering from the ravages of Hurricane NNP, the poor and vulnerable can’t afford another.

Prime Minister Mitchell better step up or step out before it is too late. Grenada is going the wrong way. Sugar coating the economy to fool the people isn’t the solution. The solution lies with a change of government. The country needs an administration that is accountable and transparent.

Tillman Thomas is right, Keith Mitchell is wrong.

Grenadian Class

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