The cocoa gold mine

In my first paper, we listed most of the commercial products we can make from cocoa & chocolate. This paper will answer the question: “Can “Grenada Cocoa” benefit from Chocolates’  very bright  future?” We may be sitting on a Gold Mine – a brown gold mine.

As you may or may not know, the world’s annual earnings from cocoa beans is now US$4B annually and the size of the chocolate market is US$114B (almost 30 times more). In addition “Grenada Cocoa” has increased to pre-Hurricane Ivan level and we have developed a Chocolate plant, second to none in the industry.

As I reflect on these facts, I am reminded of a statement in the Holy Bible, Proverbs 29: 18,  “where there is no vision, the people perish ….”. We must change our approach to cocoa/chocolate & how we manage this bright future.

But are we managing well or commercialising our operations? You must answer this question.

In this paper I shall offer some nine (9) pointers and a Road Map to achieve these benefits in a sustainable way.

They are:-

(1). Ownership

(2). The Structure of GCA, QPL and Diamond Chocolate Company

(3). Marketing and Sales

(4).Branding and GI establishment

(5).Formal Relationship with UWI & SGU

(6). Involving Youth and Young People

(7). Solar Drying and Post-harvest Handling modernization

(8). Production of Milk Chocolate

(9) Joint venture with local cocoa cottage industries

Dr. Reginald Buckmire

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