Using the people as tools!!!

If one takes a careful look around within our society today, we will see how prevalent is our attitude which is responsible for our high
level of dependency in Grenada, which our politicians are using to take advantage, of our people to keep us in total  subjection whereby drastically reducing the level of independent thinking of our people.
Our politicians are making the people more vulnerable and dependable and less creative and innovative thus adversely affecting  this country’s ability as it relates to social advancement.

Politicians have created a culture  of hand-outs. Every one today is more interested in eating a food rather than trying to maximise on their true potential.

The politicians have developed the art of making our people become much weaker and  easier to be governed because a hungry man will accept anything to ensure his own survival hence the reason why they will never genuinely try to improve the lives of the poor people.
I have a good understanding of the economic situation and the level of hardship the people are going through. Look at St. Lucia – their Prime Minister said that he will never subject his people to the Structural Adjustment Programme as what Grenada has adopted for its people with painful austerity measures that Grenadian have to undergo under the NNP through the IMF.

I cannot help but wonder when a senior person at the Ministry of Finance would proudly inform the nation on a radio programme that government is now meeting its target through collecting taxes, and not realising that Grenadians are being squeezed  to death by those tax measures.

I  honestly believe, that Grenadians are not better off than they were five years ago. Let us not forget that the very NNP party is an off spring of the GNP (Grenada National party) which came to power in 1967 about the time when Grenada obtained Associated Statehood status with Great Britain being responsible for our defence, and external affairs, while Grenada was responsible for its own internal affairs headed by the late Hubert Blaize.

The GNP  was the wealthy folks party and was well known for representing the interests of the  upper class people and was better known as the rich man’s party.

You do not have to look into the microscope, to see why NNP is not for the poor people. Today if one takes a good look at how the tax base is  structured, you will see clearly that it is anti- working class.

Just take a close look at the last general election and one will have a better understanding of what I am saying. All of the wealthy folks and big businesses gave so much support to the NNP party, just before the election.

Philosophically, Grenadians should not be confused by NNP giving sustenance to the rich, and hand-outs to the poor. Empowerment is not a genuine phrase that is often used by them, it is only a cover up.

Let us remember that the GULP fought the plantocracy for social justice. The planter class was  historically made up in the main of supporters of the GNP party. The GNP always fought for these upper class folks.

If one takes a close look at the NNP DNA, in retrospect they have nothing in common with poor people. A large portion of  the
disenchanted GULP supporters have joined the NNP party under the
disguise of the NNP leader receiving an endorsement at our national independence celebration from Sir. Eric Matthew Gairy after returning from exile at the Queen’s Park stadium as his political son.

This was used to help broaden the support base of the NNP party. So today we can clearly see this trend  resonating in the New National
Party . Who is fooling  who?

Kennedy Jawahir

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