Two ‘Bajan Suns’ Eclipse Spice Isle Tourism”

(Excerpt below)
Christmas 2015 may be far away, but memories of ‘The First Noel’ and ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’ are always fresh in the mind and can be sung impromptu! For all the loving, redeeming and life-giving good that Christmas represents and entails, one can always find persons, regardless of station in society, who pretend, cheat or behave badly during the Festive Season!

Outside of Christmas, there are folks who pay regular homage to the old adage, ‘empty vessels make the most noise’! Such players understand well that to fool the times they must look like the times!
So they proceed to make loud noises in the hope that no one hears the emptiness. They practise that charade in order to ‘pull wool’ over the eyes of the naïve and unsuspecting. Notwithstanding, they are often gifted some of the most beautiful and fairest riches of the land for their random enjoyment.

Sadly, even important organisations give up big, big dollars for poor
quality service, products and decoys. Supposedly, they are unable to see clearly under ‘eclipse’ conditions! Where blindness is induced by the unforeseen alignment of two ‘Bajan suns’, then those responsible may be deserving of some sympathy. Cosmic forces are always beyond man’s control!

‘Personnel Management 101’ teaches that recruitment errors are often the most costly for organisations!

SOS! SOS! Will someone bring some needed light to Grenada’s tourism?

How long will the ‘Bajan eclipse’ hover over our most important industry? Will Grenadians accept being ridiculed as the “Pure Grenada… the Blind of the Caribbean”? ….

Brian Joseph

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