Cocoa can produce top dollars

This is one of two papers that deal  with Grenada Cocoa and Chocolate products.

This paper covers information on “Grenada  Cocoa” and cocoa products and “Grenada Chocolate” & Chocolate products and other  value added products which can make  Grenada Cocoa Farmers  & the state of Grenada rich.

Value added products Cocoa  products from  Grenada Cocoa Tree to end products  include:-

*Cocoa Fat – the product  obtained from squeezing out  the fats & oils from ground  roasted  cocoa beans;

*Cocoa   Fat Oil –  the product obtained  from blending  heated cocoa fats  with other hydrophobic liquids;

*Cocoa Press Cake – the product obtained  from squeezing  out  the cocoa oils & fat leaving  flat cocoa cakes;

*Cocoa  Liquor – the product obtained  from  roasted cocoa nibs that were ground,conched and refined;

*Chocolate products  include:

*Chocolate Flavored  Bars- this  product obtained  from processing roasted  cocoa beans blended with several ingredients including sugar,vanilla,etc.

*Spicy Chocolate Bars – this product obtained from  blending ground spices  with the chocolate  bar blend  while soft;

*Nutmeg  Chocolate Bars – this product obtained  from  blending ground nutmegs with the chocolate bar  blend while soft;

*Bois Bande chocolate Bars – this product obtained from blending
alcohol soluble” Bois Bande” with the chocolate bar  blend while soft;

*Chocolate Truffles – this product  obtained from  blending the chocolate  Bar blend ingredients  with other  substances and formed;

*Chocolate  Bon Bon- this product obtained from  blending the chocolate  bar  blend ingredients  with other substances and formed;

*Instant Grenada  Cocoa Powder – this product obtained from grinding cocoa press cake with other  ingredients for instantizing;

*Chocolate  Drinks – this product obtained from blending chocolate powder mix with sugar, milk, and thickeners to produce “CC Mel”

*Cold and hot Chocolate Drinks – this product obtained from blending powder mixes in an Instantizer

*Cocoa Juice – this product  obtained from separating fresh  extracted cocoa beans under Sanitary conditions;

*Cocoa Cider Vinegar – this product obtained  from cocoa juice fermented from the “Mother” into a creamish  brown mix;

*Cocoa Bean Shell – this  product  obtained  from winnowing dried cracked  cocoa beans to separate the Nibs;

*Cocoa Bean Fire Retardent – this product obtained by grinding dried cocoa beans and mixing with other products;

*Cocoa  Theobromine – this  product obtained  from  cocoa shells by chemical extraction  and dehydrating;

*Cocoa Nibs- this product  obtained  after Cleaning and Roasting & winnowing dry cocoa beans into tiny pieces;

*Chocolate coated Nuts & Dried Fruits – this product obtained from coating  milk chocolate  mix  forming, setting and packaging;

*Dried L.S Cocoa Pods Package – this product obtained from slicing Cocoa Pods by Longitudinal Section  and drying by food grade level;

*Dried  Cocoa Pod Wreaths – this product obtained  from dried cocoa pods and weaved  to make Christmas wreaths;

*Chocolate Alcohol based Drinks like “Tia Maria” – this product obtained by blending Ethanol  with chocolate  Liquers;

*Chocolate Pancake Mixes –  this product obtained by blending pancake syrup mixes  with instantized  chocolate powder;

*Chocolate liquid  Flakes for coating Ice cream cones – this  product obtained  by blending chocolate mixture with food grade shellac;

*Chocolate Couverture – this product obtained from processing cocoa beans to bar  mix;

*Cocoa Butter Cream/Lotion – this  product obtained  from Cocoa Fat, water, emulsifiers and perfumery;

*Instant  Cocoa Tea Balls – this product obtained from cleaned, roasted and conched cocoa beans  and other ingredients;

These are but a few of the  cocoa  and Chocolate products  that we can add value to  in tremendous  quantities.

If any one is interested He/She  can contact me at any time.

Dr. E.R. Buckmire

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