Appreciation for identity

Our people has lost their true identity of who they really are.

They have adopted an alien culture which is not their own and has killed their Afro Caribbean roots that define their origin of “who we are and from whence we came”.

We might be descendants of slaves the original cotton pickers, but we once were a proud people, there might have been petty squabbles amongst each other but they appreciated their black roots. I have seen over the years our people have adopted a style of buying imported synthetic.

Human or horse mane package hair has now become the choice for so many blacks, instead of appreciating their own naturals.

What happen to cornrows and corkscrew? They have made the Korean families wealthy thanks to blacks. “Well done hair beauty queen” – money wasted on packaged hairs should have been used towards your child’s education plan, or even put more food on the table.

Yet you find it wise to be “Miss Glamour puss” fighting for status, trying to keep up with the fashion of the day, while many of your children go hungry each day attending school without breakfast or even proper clothing to wear and yet you live comfortable with your King Louis wig on your head.

Why are you always trying to imitate others instead of trying to appreciate what you have? Why can’t you be yourselves and embrace your natural black roots?

Are black women not beautiful enough? Are they not satisfied with what God gave them and how he made them? Have you ever seen an European or Asian trying to imitate the melanin people?  Have you ever seen them sporting an Afro hairstyle or wearing braided weave?
They are always being their natural selves unlike us melanin people who have no appreciation for our natural blackness.

Have you ever wondered what life would have been like if we as a people had embraced our culture and religion fully?

Our ancestors were forced to adopt a different way of life – they used religion as a means of torture to subdue and control how they think and act.

The introduction of (theocracy) has corrupted the minds of those they have conquered and ruled over for centuries. They have accomplished their goals “very well”.

I must say to our people who are in a tug a war battle to ask the following question – should I pull to the left side or right side?
Our people have become like toys that are controlled by remotes.

Unification and mind cleansing is needed urgently, breaking free from mind enslavement are the only thing that can unite us as one people and change our mindset too as we can see what we are doing to ourselves.

A woman doesn’t need a wig or weave to make her beautiful for you were born princesses and queens in your own rights – you are royal beauties.

Allow no one to tell you that you are not special and beautiful because you are black beauties. Do not under value yourself for no one -appreciate your blackness, stay conscious and focused and be proud of who you are.

Brian Joseph

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