The MP called “E-LIE-But”

My friends, fellow Grenadians, brothers & sisters greetings: In keeping with my promise to write another article I write once again.

It was Sunday 19th April, I heard “E-lie But” Grenada’s most prominent Lie-Abetic (could lie) make a statement saying that jobs are coming.

Now when “E-LIE-But” was in opposition he used to call the other fellow “bound to lie”, “E-lie-But told the nation that he had investors lined up and plenty jobs were coming – this has proven to be another lie.

I would like “E-Lie-But” to know that he should avoid using “those fake men” as Politicians, there is one who in terms of academics he is ok, but when it comes to politics he is very dull.

During an election campaign there are persons representing each political party with the hope of winning and becoming the representative of their constituency, that person if successful in that election the time comes when that person takes the oath of office as follows: “I the master” or whatever his name is do faithfully execute the office of Parliamentary representative without fear, favour or illwill.

After taking the oath that person becomes representative of everyone in that constituency, he should be everyone’s friend based on the oath he took/taken and anyone approaching him for any assistance he should not say, don’t give him, he cuss me or he is an N.D.C. This should not happen in keeping with the oath he took.

I will make mention of some experience which I had with the master, Now one may ask how is it when the Peasant writes he always makes mention of the master, I am saying so since what I write is correct I should have no fear.

There was a time when a certain man who was destitute approached the master’s servant who at that time looked after the needs of the destitute.  The servant filled the form with the required information, had the person sign it and carried it in the master’s office but when the master saw the person’s name he said, “do not give him, he cuss me”.

That person said to the servant, tell the master he will bury the hatchet” – meaning whatever their differences were let them put them aside, forgive, move forward, unite as one people.

Now when some of those Politicians make their speeches they can be heard quoting scriptures. I heard “E-LIE-But” in an Independence speech quoted a Scripture from one of four gospels of the New Testament.  One never heard him quote those which say, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, if your enemy hungry feed him, if he is thirsty give him drink.

There is another which says do not oppress the hired hand in  his wages, another says: the workman is worthy of his lieu.

Today the debushers are still receiving “the stale wages” from since 1999. How could that match up with 2015 cost of living?  This is advantage.  There is a young man who did all the announcing of the master’s meetings in his constituency during his election campaign, the master promised him (the young man) when he gets into Government he will give him a a job in Forestry. That Forestry may have gone down with the plane that cannot be found.

The young can be seen carrying a heavy chain saw on his shoulder through the St.George South-east constituency looking for work to maintain hisd children.

The master is a great man, he makes use of both sides of his mouth.

He says something with one side of his mouth and something else with the other side.

In closing the master gave nothing to those who helped him and those who did not help him, he gave them big bread, not only bread he also buttered the bread.

People are heard saying we are waiting for “E-LIE-But” and the master – they think they can fool us again. He better hush his mouth – we are waiting on them, just how they rotate us with road work so we go rotate he and the master because when the time comes that will be our time.

The Peasant

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