Victimisation continues!!!

We become more segregated, and divided as a people by two of our national colours which do not belong to a particular political party and in retrospect this has been a serious development, in our society.

I remember growing up in the 1970s when our young minds were very much  taken up with the high level of social unrest, and civil disobedience, among police and secret police  brutality and sectarianism, and segregation where villages were fighting  against each other throughout Grenada.

I can recall when my  little beautiful  village  of Clozier was fighting against another little village called Florida – whenever there  was a dance I know for a fact, that we were divided by politics which bred hatred  between us as to who was NJM or GULP. And this was not defined by colours.

Today sadly if you put on a piece of clothing irrespective of colour you could be classified as a supporter of that political patty, based on the colour of the shirt you are wearing. To be quite frank, politicians have not united this country, but rather divided us as a people. Imagine that you cannot paint your house in yellow or green any more without you being labeled as an NNP or NDC.

Let us examine the colours of our national flag, the red is the burning aspiration of the Grenadian people, green is the lush vegetation, the yellow is the golden sunlight. These three major colours are embedded in our national flag and people should not be judged, labeled, nor victimized if one chooses to drive a yellow car, or a green car.

We cannot be bound by colour restrictions in Grenada. Remember this island is 21×12 miles or 344 sq. Kilometers, so to a large extent a great portion of the population is quite knowledgeable. We have become more divided as a society because a major political leader will tell his followers don’t buy a particular newspaper. This troubles me deeply.

If we have to make serious advancement especially amongst our young people in promoting freedom of speech, we have to stop sending the wrong message which  inculcates into the hearts and minds of the young people as future generations  without contaminating their minds.

We have now gone beyond colours when looking at the level of victimisation taking place today. The victimisation has continued even though when the man entered office for a fourth time he pledged to the nation that he will be a different leader, that he will serve all Grenadians no matter their political differences.

However, action speaks louder than words, and he continues to confuse people by sending mixed messages by saying one thing and doing the other. You cannot call for unity when you your self are destroying it.

Let us take a close look at the last general election when the man made a call for all hands on board under Project Grenada with the new economy. In the same breath, he immediately started to remove key persons from their positions like Godfrey Fleming, the Chief of Immigration,  who received a prestigious award for outstanding Immigration  service to  Grenada from the United Nation.

Under the man’s government, they wasted no time in humiliating and transferring him to the Fire Station, to sit in front of a little wooden desk. But they would want to fool us and say that the Public Service Commission and the Commissioner of Police that transferred the man.

They also cracked down on the Cabinet Secretary and the Commissioner of Police and we continue  to say, there is no money in the country.

My question is – why not promote persons based on their ability especially when they are an asset to the country?

Let us look beyond the political affiliation and party politics without tribalism and build this beautiful country of ours.

Kennedy Jawahir

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