The taking of the NNP

For many onlookers the NNP Convention in Westerhall was a non-event. There was a visible lack of enthusiasm from the general population, even among NNP rank and filers, who certainly did not come out in their numbers. This was so, inspite of the desperate attempt by the likes of Simon Steele and Terry Forrester to drum up popular interest through their media appearances ahead of the convention. But this public indifference to anything the NNP does nowadays is not altogether strange.

After all, this is supposed to be Year 3 of Delivery and the Delivery Train is yet to roll into the station. The Jobs Jobs Jobs and Investors Lined up narratives are beginning to sound more and more like a sick joke played on the people of this country. People are tired, fed up and vex. And it certainly did not help the cause to hear Keith sing the same old song again, ‘jobs are coming.’

With typical opportunism, the NNP propaganda machine tried to piggy back on the popular interest in cricket. They donned their green T shirts, hired a few trucks and hit the towns around Grenada with their so-called ‘motorcade for cricket’ on the eve of the convention. Much can be said about the politicisation of cricket by this NNP administration, but that is another discussion for another time.

They must have suffered a sickening sensation in the stomach when they were forced to confront the spectacle of a real motorcade, as they drove past Kem Jones and the NDC possee lining up in Tanteen to drive off.

So what did this convention do for the New National Party? If anything it widened the brewing division within that organisation! Peter, who denied Tillman and worked like Judas to betray the NDC that once trusted him, is now the Assistant General Secretary of the NNP. His friends from New York were salivating at the prospects of him being elevated to the post of Deputy Leader. They were actually boasting about it! They, however, did not anticipate the level of push-back from long standing lieutenants of the NNP. But the die is cast and the trajectory is clear.

The NNP is cracking. The trojan horse is within the walls. The invasive species is inside the system. Look out! Now that Keith has announced that Peter is empowered to walk the constituencies and audit the caretakers, he has bestowed on Peter the power of being the new NNP king maker.

Roland Bhola will have to be looking over his shoulders. And Elvin Nimrod cannot be sleeping well these days either. Both Bhola and Nimrod should not underestimate the significance of the boast being made by the mercenary journalist, ‘We get what we want for now!’

In the coming weeks and months Peter David, his atheistic turn-coat trade unionist mentor and the smelly mercenary journalist will do what has become second nature to them. NNP supporters will want to know if this group will be operating a party within a party with the sole objective of grabbing total control.

The marginalization of persons who have been in the trenches for the NNP will continue as these power hungry elements continue to form a ring around Keith, becoming his closest advisors and strategists and shutting out the real NNP. They will mouth patriotic slogans and talk about Project Grenada, but their end game is naked power. Project Grenada is Project Peter!

So what has the convention really achieved? It has set the stage for the break up of the NNP. The Power Struggle will intensify. The bacchanal just start.

Chester Gilbert

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