Chester, stop it!!!

The Project Grenada Man was heard on the radio the other day trying to compare himself with the late indomitable leader, Sir Eric Matthew Gairy.

This guy whose real name is Chester Humphrey was putting himself alongside Sir Eric as a trade union leader who was persecuted because of commitment to the workers struggle in Grenada.

As one who is a labourite in the country, Chester Humphrey is out of place to compare himself with the great leader of the Grenada United Labour Party.

Let us look at the record of the two- Bro. Chess and Sir Eric. Uncle was involved in one single party in his entire life – GULP – which he formed and led for over 40 years.

Bro. Chess was NJM, then he joined NDC until Uncle Tilly and Nazim Burke threw him out and now he is a kind of unofficial NNP member with his Project Grenada slogan.

Uncle is now called the Father of Grenada’s Independence. Bro. Chess is known as the gunslinger, the man who illegally shipped arms and ammunition from the United States to overthrow a duly elected government from power.

“Uncle” as head of the government had a diplomatic passport that allowed him to travel freely to the United States. As President of the Senate, Bro. Chess is entitled to a diplomatic passport but cannot travel freely to the U.S since he is a wanted man. Our Uncle could have visited the U.S any time but the Project Grenada/Chester Humphrey was afraid to travel any where close to U.S territory for fear that U.S Marshals will grab him.

This Chester Humphrey is so afraid of the Americans since fleeing the place while on bail with the arms and ammo charge that he might even be afraid to travel to Canada which shares a common border with the United States.

Sir Eric could have travelled to any part of the world but Bro. Chester will only travel to countries that are very far from the United States. Why? Bro. Chess is afraid that if the plane develops problems in the sky and have to land on U.S soil then he become a prey for the U.S Marshals.

Grenada is the only place in the whole wide world where the President of the Senate cannot travel to the United States and visit Washington to engage with fellow lawmakers.

If Bro. Chess was that smart he would have whispered in the ears of Dr. Mitchell to quietly ask President Obama to lift the thing on the “Project Grenada” man so he is no longer afraid of the U.S Marshals.

Bro Chess, Sir Eric was not afraid of the Marshals since he was never a wanted man in the United States, so don’t you ever try to compare yourself with him.

Bro. Chess, just a little warning to you in light of the easing of relations between the United States and Cuba. Please be careful in wanting to go to Havana because you just don’t know what’s the new deal between these two countries. Will the Cubans guarantee you safe passage if the United States say to hand you over to them to face the music?

Both Sir Eric and Bro. Chess used to call the workers out on strike – that is the only thing common among them as trade union leaders.

The Father of Independence used to tell his supporters “Sky red” and they knew what to do but Bro. Chess became famous for throwing himself down on the road and in front of those big trucks from the Grenada Breweries.

Can he do that again any time in the near future? Not at all. The Breweries workers will not be so kind next time around and make pass the same big trucks all over your body. Well don’t talk for NAWASA workers, they don’t trust Chester any more and might drive up a few of their vans on the picket line and pass their vehicles all over Bro. Chess.

Just think a little bit about last week’s Labour Day celebrations in St. Andrew’s and how the workers treated the once mighty Chester Humphrey.

Finally, Bro. Chester Humphrey,  you must never forget that Uncle was a democrat and believed in God and prayers. Bro. Chess, you can only compare yourself to our Father of Independence when you come forward and announce to the nation that you are no longer an atheist and decided to convert to Christianity.

 A True Revolutionary

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