Way forward for Nutmeg industry

This document gives  a ROAD MAP  for developing  the Grenada  Nutmeg Industry and the GCNA.

It is my hope  that  the  “Powers that be” use their  Technical Staff  to constructively  criticize  and Analyze the thoughts  put forward  or proffered forth in  this document.  Please note that  I am available  24/7  to expand  on  any  area  or areas that  wet your appetite at the following  address :- parrisg@spiceisle .com; 473-442-7330 ; 456-2068; and/ or 419-8028.  Please  also note that I am willing to Champion  any area or areas of interest.

The  Road Map  includes what  has to be done starting  NOW in 2015 and going forward  as follows:-
They include:-

(1).  Ownership  of the  GCNA

(2). Setting up a Limited  Liability  Company  to COMMERCIALIZE the Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association (GCNA);

(3). Setting up a true Food Plant to Grind and Package ALL  spices including  “Grenada Nutmegs”  &  mace  and other dry ingredients;

(4). Setting  up a Joint venture for  our Grenada nutmeg  oil production with  the West  India  Spice  Company;

(5). Setting up a Joint venture  relationship with the Grenada Nutmeg Cluster to manufacture Nutmeg  Pericarp products;

(6).  Real  Estate – for-

(a) Converting the Gouyave Processing Station & the Grenville Receiving Station to be Food grade

(b) Addressing  Solar Drying  for drying mace and drying/curing  Food
grade  Grenada nutmegs;

(c)Addressing the multi-million Dollar Lagoon Road  Complex

(d) Addressing  the Jubilee Street  in Grenville  now virtually owned by a Tenant

(e)   The  Moon Shadow park accreted  land and the  Bus Terminal at Grenville

(f)  The other 18 or so  properties  of GCNA

(7). The marketing  and sales of value  added  Nutmegs – ground, prepackaged Pacs, etc

(8). Modernizing  the  1947  Grenada  Nutmeg  Act

(9) Making the Grenada Nutmeg part of the Education Program  and  the livelihood of Grenada ;

Now  the Details

(1).  Ownership  of the  GCNA Assets.

We, the members  of GCNA must  own  GCNA and its ASSETS.
Capitalisation and how the ownership Instruments  would be distributed to individual members would come later.

Ownership of  GCNA  ASSETS  can be done like when as  Chairman of the Marketing  Board (MNIB), I got the MNIB  to own the land  bounded on one side by “Foodland” on Lagoon Road by working with the Government
Attorney General  Mr. Errol Thomas and  Attorney John of Hudson-Phillips to obtain the papers for the Land by means  of the Vesting Act rather than the Conveyancing ACT.  It is SIMPLE.

Setting Up  Limited Liability Company owned by  GCNA running separately of GCNA to make MONEY  for GCNA Members. This  Company should  have  private sector  Businessmen as its Directors to make Commercial  decisions.

Some of this  company’s actions  are:

* SETTING  UP A FOOD PLANT  TO GRIND &  PACKAGE  ALL SPICES AND OTHER DRY FOODS. This plant could easily be  set up by modifying  and improving the  BCN (Broken and Clean)  plant now located  at  Lagoon Road now linked  with Mr. Martin  Williams, a former employee of the GCNA, to grind & package Nutmegs.

Soon  No Nutmegs  will be exported in Crocus bags. All  the Hotels, Restaurants, Bakeries and  Businesses in Grenada  and  the Caribbean would be supplied  with Food Grade Ground  Nutmegs &  Mace  packed  in small Bulk Containers as required.

The various  Spice Traders for the Tourism  trade would be supplied
with  Food grade ground products such as Ground  nutmegs & Mace, Ground Cinnamon,  Ground Cloves, Ground Bois den/Bay leaf  etc. from this new Plant.

Whole Nutmegs and  other small packs of  Ground  dry  products would be professionally packaged in that plant. The earnings  from these value added  products  will be passed back to the GCNA.

Setting up  a Joint  Venture  Operation with West India Spice Ltd, to produce  Grenada Nutmeg Oil, etc.

Dr. Reginald Buckmire

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