The poor man ah feel it!!!

Two years and counting the electorate is unfortunately regretting the decisions that they have made. The NNP administration has failed the people and today the entire country is mired in corruption, unemployment and uncontrolled poverty.

The overwhelming majority of the people are disappointed in the poor performance of the Prime Minister and the NNP administration. Many are silent because they are too ashamed to speak given the decisions they made at the last general elections.

From River Salee in St Patrick’s, to Telescope, Paraclete and Union in St Andrew’s, Mama Cannes and Corinth in St David’s, Victoria in St Mark’s, Gouyave, St John’s Happy Hill, River Road and Grand Anse Valley in St George, the cry of the poor man echoes throughout the alleys in the various communities. Their cries are falling on deaf ears since their Parliamentarians have absolutely no regard for them until the next general elections.

Why is it that so many Grenadians allow themselves to be fooled year after year by these selfish and unscrupulous politicians? Are Grenadians so uneducated and lack understanding and knowledge of what is happening around them?

Maurice Bishop and the revolution raised the level of consciousness of the Grenadian people through education. Given the present political, social and economic situation facing the nation and its people, it seems that this consciousness will only return to the people when his body is identified and given a proper burial. Until then the enemies of Maurice Bishop will continue to wreak havoc among the people.

Keith Mitchell led Grenadians down a path where they were too blind to see what was coming their way. His deceit and deception were shrouded in a blanket of promised pie in the sky jobs and more jobs.

Grenada’s unemployment rate is approaching 40%, while unemployment among the young people is approaching 70%.

Captain, the ship has sunk. The captain is nowhere to be found.

Chester Humphrey and Peter David seem to be paddling the remnants of the ship down to Caracas, Venezuela.

As a result of the level of poverty in Grenada, the poor people are suffering from all sorts of diseases, including stress, high blood pressure and even insanity. Young people are finding it extremely difficult to cope under the current situation. Their level of frustration is manifested in the increasing levels of prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, crime and violence among the young population.

The Imani program isn’t accomplishing its goals and so the program is heavily criticised.

The electorate apparently votes in a general election for a better standard of living. This seems not to be the case in Grenada’s last general elections. The electorate voted for a litany of false promises, with many of them now struggling to make ends meet. It is a travesty when politicians mislead people to the extent that they become enemies with their own family members.

The vast majority of people who supported the NNP over the almost 20 years that party has been in power are poor people. Many of them haven’t been able to elevate themselves and their children from this level of poverty and when they get an opportunity they return to their dire social and economic circumstances.

Keith Mitchell seems to understand that these people are happy with their circumstances and as a result gives them pittances which they glorify as gold. It is one thing to be poor, but another to be poor and proud of your poverty.

Many adult men supporting the NNP for decades can’t put a decent roof over their heads. They have destroyed their life and future by consuming the daily diet of alcohol given to them by political activists working on behalf of their party.

While these poor people remain in perpetual poverty, Mitchell and his boys are millionaires and ‘fat cats’. One day these men shall pay for their sins against poor people. Nothing lasts forever and their demise is inevitable. What goes around comes around.

Despite all the brag and boast about the progress made by Keith Mitchell and the NNP, the results are NOT there to justify the rhetoric. Mitchell is responsible for the huge national debt that the country is facing. He is the person who implemented the structural adjustment program and took the country to the IMF.

It is a well known fact that, whenever a government is in bed with the IMF, poverty in that country increases. Jamaica is a case in point.

The electorate was duped by Mitchell and the NNP into believing that, if re-elected, the NDC would take the country to the IMF.

It is a case of treason and deceit when politicians treat the electorate with such a level of disrespect and dishonesty. It is just not fair to the country and its citizens when politicians go out of their way to deceive them in such callous and unsuspecting fashion.

The intellectual capability of thousands of Grenadians and their ability to think critically have regressed since after the demise of the revolution. Grenadians don’t read and so they can be easily fooled and misled as was the case in the last general elections.

The argument that the people voted for a government that they believe will deliver economic and social benefits to them is one of mere speculation. I am of the opinion and it’s the opinion of many persons that the average voter in Grenada isn’t analytical or knowledgeable enough to make decisions based on commonsense.

For example, when the NNP propaganda machinery criticised Nazim Burke, saying that he is building five houses, many ill informed persons believed, even if they could have verified that information in a country of 120 square miles.
Keith Mitchell and the NNP allegedly keep a certain percentage of the
population in poverty. The folks then turn out to be NNP diehard supporters since they become dependent on the party for their sustenance. To these folks NNP can’t do anything wrong. They are blinded by the ‘hand outs’ they receive and remain poor for the rest of their lives. One thing is certain and that is they are the voters to enter the polling booth on election day.

Mitchell has been in government and a parliamentary representative for decades, yet his constituency of St George North West has some of the poorest people in Grenada. The same can be said about St Mark’s with Claris Modeste as the MP.

Every election cycle they shed crocodile tears for the poor man. As soon as they get elected into office they do their thing so that they can continue to call the electorate poor, and rightfully so. They are indeed poor and vulnerable. They are vulnerable because they are not empowered by their MP. A damning indictment of gross failure.

Grenadians should wake up from their sleep and drunkenness and come to the realisation that there is an alleged conspiracy by the Prime Minister, the hierarchy of the NNP, big business, and other special interest groups to concentrate power, influence and wealth among a selected few.

The Prime Minister as leader of the NNP used the poor people of Grenada to his political advantage and now that he is in the twilight of his political career he has unceremoniously dumped the poor, identifying himself with the elite.

Having suffered over the years with an inferiority complex sometimes referred to as ‘the little black boy’ from Happy Hill, he has attempted to shed that label by allegedly associating himself and the NNP with the elitist and aristocrats in the likes of the Steele, Otway, De Allie, La Grenade etc.

The end product of this alliance and association is that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting much poorer. That is what they voted for.

Former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas’s vision for Grenada was that of a fairer society based on transparency, accountability and good governance. The rich voted against it because they love corruption, the poor voted against it because they lack the knowledge and understanding while receiving their ‘hand outs’ being stuck in dependency syndrome.

Change will come, however, with this change there should be a purging of the society, a breakdown of the old foundation and start anew. It is only then Grenada and Grenadians will realise their true potential.

The NDC made the gross error of not destroying the roots of the contaminated tree, allowing it to re-germinate, spreading its corrupt branches throughout the business community, security forces, media, trade union movement, churches, NGOs with a vengeance.

Darkness has overshadowed the land and, in the words of Peter Tosh, “Only the poor man ah feel it.” All the taxes have gone up and more hardship is yet to come. There is only one man to blame, the Prime Minister, the Emperor.

Grenadian Class

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