Perilous economic times

Some times I really have to wonder when I visit certain grocery shops and supermarkets and see the price that poor people have to pay for meats especially chicken.

I am also talking about minimum wage persons who are making 5 dollars an hour and who have to consume the worse, which is chicken back and neck – it is truly ridiculous because in order for them to stretch their dollar and feed their families, they have no choice.

At the same time, our health officials and other policy makers are telling us to eat healthy with a balanced diet. After examining the facts, about 90 percent of these low income people their meat consumption is only back and neck chicken.

Are we serious about building a healthy nation? Today there is more urbanisation of our people looking for better job opportunities in St. George’s, and more so Grand Anse in South St. George, hence the reason why so many agricultural lands get abandoned.

Other factors contributing to our problem is the lost of the banana trade by the WTO ruling. We are creating more squatter zones with other informal settlers and the shanty towns thus boosting the crime rate within the tourist belt.

I am talking about villages like Grand Anse, Mt. Toute, The Limes, Frequente,  Jean Anglais and many others.

The poor folks living in these areas suffer from poorer diet, high rents and utility bills, and high unemployment, pushing some of these vulnerable persons into prostitution in order to take care of their families.

Most of these households are headed by young mothers with three and four children to take care of. I have heard for so  many years that they are trying to bridge the poverty gap. But far as I can see with these politicians is just mouth open, and word jump out.

Could you imagine that ever so often, after finishing secondary school, over 1000 young persons coming from school have to join the work force. Not all of them can be entrepreneurs, for even the banks are not making life easier for these young persons who are trying to establish their own small business rather than depending on government.

Let us see how much this government said that they cared for poor people, they went on to implement a $25.00 tax on used tires and against the dealers with no consultation. Do you see any rich persons buying used tyres? Who is this government trying to fool? Wake up and smell the coffee.

Lots of Grenadians are becoming more disenchanted with the lies and deceit of the politricksters who continue to do the same thing year after year, and expect different results.

This is the same government that preach empowerment, and so much so to the young persons of this country. But Grenada as one of the few countries which was very fortunate in receiving an IT Centre from India-  that was very fundamental for the greater enhancement of the socio-economic development of Grenada and the sub-region.

But what the NNP did as soon as they got into power, they closed  it down. Who is fooling who? That’s the same NNP government in hindsight that went all over CARICOM and preach how Grenada will play a leading role by taking advantage of that IT Centre by embracing it and by helping other CARICOM countries with technological advancement  in the sub-region.

Always remember that all that glitter is certainly not gold.

Kennedy Jawahir

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