Challenging freedom – What are your beliefs?

When faced with issues affecting us as a people and a nation what do we do?. How do we address these concerns?. How do we break the glass sealing of gender inequality and stereotyping?

Some may describe it as being “controversial” but if you analyse it carefully you will see the merit through my concerns when it comes to addressing this highly sensitive issue.

I like quoting the words from reggae superstar, “Etana” never let them get you down, live your life and be free”. An individual must never be afraid to speak freely or express his/her concerns when it comes to gender inequality and stereotyping.

We have become a more homophobic society instead of solving problems and seeking solutions, we find ourselves creating more conflicts, putting band aid on problems and not being able to resolve it.

We are only making situations worse, because in most cases dialogue is needed to find a peaceful resolution to our ailing problems.

Slurs are used each day to describe these individuals – we teach our children to disrespect one another, we allow them to call one another names without doing anything about it, lack of respect has now become the norm of the day as we live in this “dog eat dog society.

Kudos to Groundation Grenada and Richie Maitland who are advocates on Gender inequalities – they have been leading the battle from the forefront, holding forums, educating the public on such sensitive issues.

I used the word “sensitive” because no one wants to talk about it – to them is like using obscene language in front of your mother and having to apologise for doing so.

These are issues we can’t run from and we certainly can’t hide from it, most people are very conservative when faced with these everyday challenges.

It’s in the media especially in the papers and on the TV you see different groups lobbying for changes in the system.

The way things are done and how others are treated that is where stereotype comes in. I believe everyone is to be respected regardless of age, sex, creed and religion –  no one should be denied those opportunities of freedom to be free to be whoever or whatsoever he/she chooses to be”.

It’s everyone’s right to have equality. No two persons are the same or alike, everyone is different and unique in their own special way, therefore we all have our fundamental rights and freedom to live and breathe in our own space.

This universe is big enough for everyone to co-exist together and it should never be a problem. We exist in this world “to love and be loved” and whatever differences we all share, should have never been a problem or hindrance in any one’s way.

I can’t stop you from being who you are as an individual – our sexual preferences may differ but that doesn’t give anyone the right to hate, if it’s my choice, society doesn’t have control over what life a person decides to live for there are no leaches on another individual life.

There is no need to hate or discriminate. There is something called “choices”. What does it have to do with another individual and how does it affect you – meddling where you don’t belong. I view this as an invasion of privacy and as the old saying goes, “we must live and let others live”.

Stigmatisation and discrimination of others who are different simply because of sexual preferences is a bad practice that society adopts – this is creating more conflicts among different ethnic groups and various organisations.

Scorning or hating another individual because of who he/she is, doesn’t make the world a better place, it simply doesn’t make you or me any better it makes us haters.

Remember we are all humans with a heart of flesh, not stone with blood running through our veins, unlike a few who have no love for humanity. We all stemmed from somewhere and we belong to a family.

Remember he/she is somebody’s child. Before you are willing to condemn or even point fingers at another, let’s put ourselves in their shoes, let’s think what it’s like to be that person and feel what they have felt because of you and your discrimination.

Is it because of you and your hating, because of you and your stereotyping and thanks to you the suicide rate went up? Why stigmatise against someone who is different simply because of their sexual preferences?

Are you happy with yourself when you laugh and call others names because you see him/her as being different? How comfortable are you with your own skin?

What will you do if your son or daughter should come home one day and say, mom or dad I’m different because of my sexual preferences? I’m not going to sugar coat nothing for no one, I will say it as I see it.

How will you deal with such issues? Will you hate him/her? Will you be a discriminator or a hater just like the others against your son or daughter?

If you do so, you have no love in your heart for what you gave birth to – the very said child you carried for (9) nine months loved and nurtured, the same child you breast fed and then this is what it all came down to a loveless mother or father, hating what you bring forth simply because of what he/she has become.

Jesus once asked his disciples “who do you say I am”, he did not want to hear what others said, he wanted to hear what those close to him had to say because in most cases the people who you think would be there for you can be the biggest hypocrites ever.

I have always appreciated individuals who are straight forward because, “I’m a tell like it is guy” – plain and simple. How would your life be different if you stopped making negative judgmental assumptions about people?

Let today be for the good in everyone you meet and respect their journey. It doesn’t matter what religious denomination you belong to or what’s your religious beliefs that doesn’t give you the right to be a hater or a discriminator of another person because of their sexual preferences.

The God that we all serve is a God of love and not hate. Christ came so that we might be saved through him, his message was one of love for one another, he did not come to condemn the world. Man has indoctrinated the world with their doctrine of hate for their fellow man.

For any concern to be addressed then better approach is needed – times have changed and ours eyes have opened to see and think outside of the box because people are not just locked in the box anymore for we all view things differently now.

The education system has been revamped, information is at our finger tip for this is the Age of Enlightenment.. I believe it’s time to end the stigma against gender inequality and stereotyping against individuals who are different because of their sexual preferences.

I’m not a supporter of discrimination, stigmatisation and neither will I support anyone who chooses to do so against anyone. Everyone is free to live the life he/she so chooses despite the consequences that may transpire as a result of their action as long as they understand I have no problem with their lifestyle.

90% of individuals go through life with regrets because they have been too scared of living the life they so desired of living. They have developed a phobia caring too much what others will think or say.

I’m not disputing the fact that it is morally right or wrong but it is the stigma that is shown towards those individuals. I think there are too many self righteous people walking around, they are the ones who have already won salvation because they are on their way to glory and he/she could do no wrong and I say this with no regrets.

Call me what you want that will not change who I am as an individual because at the end of the day, I will still be me, a true realist, a revolutionist, an advocate for change.

Those who should have led us to the promised land have idolised themselves as GODS and have poisoned our minds with what the European used to subdue and conquer black minds – it’s called Religion.
Most of them preach messages of hate contrary to the word of God – this is not an attack on religion but on rather those hypocrites that hide within those sacred walls.

You point fingers and judge others when you yourselves are not ever worthy to cast judgement because your lives are no different than they who you are trying to condemn.I will say this again – to address any problem there must be better approach because you will never get someone to change by stigmatizing, discriminating or by stereotyping.

Think of these words of wisdom – “Christ did not come for Saints but rather sinners. You could have found him in churches or synagogues and that only happened in his early years because he associated with the prostitutes, tax collectors, fishermen who I viewed as the kings of obscene language.

In the case of many others, he preached love and asked one another not to hate the other simply because you see them “as being a curse from God”.

So don’t just label someone if you are going to cast judgement on one, cast on all.

Brian Joseph

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