Forging better relationship between civilians and Police

For years I have always believed that something better can be done when it comes to forging better relationship between civilians and police officers. I have seen lots of room for improvements.

There have been lots of shortfalls within the ranks and lots of errors have been made over the years, and yet no one seems to notice those mistakes and if they do, I guess they let it slip by without saying or doing anything about it.

I’m someone who is very conscientious especially of my surroundings and things that are happening within my vicinity. As long as people and communities are affected or impacted, I will alert the public and bring some sense of awareness by trying to address the issues that we are faced with as a people and a nation.

I must say kudos to Commissioner Winston James for the great effort he made a few years aback that really cleaned up and turned around the force. He has maintained law and order at a very high standard but unfortunately since his retirement the force fell into disrepair, law and order fell to its lowest within the ranks for things were not fully maintained.

Now that he is at the helm of things, I’m seeing positive changes again. Thank you, sir, for a job well done. Your distinct service to this nation will not go unrecognized sir, for you are a true Grenadian patriot.

Retired Commissioner James Clarkson did a wonderful job throughout his reign in office as the force’s top cop. I must say he indeed tried his best for he has served the force and this country. Hats off to you sir.

Are officers more concerned about stripes on their uniforms or the well-being of this nation? What are their main interest – is it to protect and serve and maintain law and order in the land?

It’s sad to see how most officers take little pride in wearing their uniforms. Look at the way they keep their attire and carry themselves most of the time, and their decorum tells a lot about them.

An officer should be neatly dressed, keeping clean attire, he or she should take pride wearing Her Majesty’s uniform, giving their best and serving with distinction at all times.

I have always admired the US armed forces, the sailors, navy, national guards and my favorite the marines – they are so disciplined, their informs are in pristine condition and tailored to fit. “I just love it”. I really do admire it all.

A lot of work is needed in the RGPF in the areas of dealing with persons in general especially the public, it is very important because the whole approach in doing things are just wrong most of the time.

Look at the way they will speak to you in public – it is not right.

Better training is needed urgently because wearing a uniform does not give you the advantage at all over others.

It’s always said,  “Once a police but always a civilian”. I think better relationship is needed to be forged between both civilians and police officers, anger management is needed not just a day or two but rather a one month training in that area for officers.

I want to see more relationships within the communities, more interactions and face to face, and whenever there are new recruits they must get out and interact with people.

Let the people know who you are, let them know that the police are their friends and not enemies. Unless these small things are done it might seem unimportant but it’s very essential to merge all of these details together to form better alliance.

There are lots of persons out there in the communities who hold a bad stigma about police officers in general, some may have had bad experiences and once that message gets out hatred emerged from within the communities.

That is not the message we want surfacing in public or within our communities, we do not want to create a war zone of conflict between police and law abiding citizens.

We all need to dwell in unity as one people, one nation under God.
Let us remember the words of our motto, “Ever Conscious of God, we aspire build and advance as one people.

Persons who have been incarcerated or jailed have been complaining of brutality, but I don’t know if there is any truth to it.

However, an unforeseen incident took place a few years aback where a young man lost his life due to a brutal beating in custody and because of this it is just possible that this might exist.

I’m someone who is not in favour of violence of any kind against anyone. I firmly believe “if you do the crime you must pay the time” and let the law take it’s course, let the jury and judges or even the Magistrates decide.

It’s not for us to take the law in our hands and do as we find fit at our own whims and fancy. Maintenance of law and order is lacking, we are not in a state of disrepair as yet but if law and order is not maintained things can go sour.

The international community is watching – a few months aback there was an altercation between an officer and a civilian and a scuffle took place and this was all over social media.

This sends a bad message out there and gives a false sense of security. Grenada is a small country and things can be managed effectively. Better alliance is needed. Let us not create a society of hooligans and scoundrels but rather good law abiding citizens.

Nelson Mandela once said in an interview and I quote, “one of the most difficult things is not to change society but to change yourself”. For anything positive to happen, change must first begin with us as a people, with you and me.

You can’t expect it to come overnight because it will not happen that way. It’s now time to extend the olive branch and let there be peaceful resolution between both parties thus creating better alliances.

Brian Joseph

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