Tracking students

I took this title from the G.B.N. nightly news on 17th March 2015 in which they had a news item entitled, “Tracking students”.

I immediately became interested in what they had to say. There was a gentleman from the Ministry of Education who used the same term speaking about the national I.D card for school children and new born babies to track them even up to university.

This is not new news to me or Grenadians, for it’s all about the national I.D card 6.6.6 mark of the beast which is registration from birth and which is already out in the Public domain.

This news just coincides with my mission and assignment to raise national and international awareness of mankind activities on light of end of time and Biblical Prophecies as a watch man on the wall to sound the alarm and blow the trumpet to warn the  nation and the world that danger is at hand and upon us and to repent.

So you will hear me coming along these lines from time to time.  I wrote the articles, “The mark of the beast” and “The legacy letters informing the nation and the Prime Minister about the issuance of the national I.D card.

In the Mark of the Beast article I made an appeal to parents to protect their children from the mark of the beast, the national I.D card and here we are now, where money is being made to give it to your children. Do they have your permission parents?

As everything else these days they want to sneak it in on you by stealth and deception, talking about benefits and tracking drop outs.
The Bible say in the last days man shall be inventors of evil things.

I dear say this is the king of all evil inventions – for they sell your souls with this one. I stated that the national I.D card is fulfilling Bible Prophecy spoken of in Revelation Chpt 13:16-18, word for word, and that Grenada should not go down that road but use all the other I.D’s killing the beast.

I received a response letter from the Prime Minister signed by the Permanent Secretary of that ministry saying they are considering my letter.  Yet moves are being made right now to track your children and give them the mark of the beast.

Just as a wild vicious and ravenous beast will go after the babes and young in the flock before the adults, it’s the same way the mark of the beast comes after the people without mercy and respect.  They push it on you and you either receive it or face the consequences. Beheading is back on the scene today.

Beheadings coincide or confirm that we are in the times of the mark of the beast Rev 20:4. The Godly loving and patriotic people will be forced into poverty, persecution and beheaded.

The national I.D card is so dangerous for what it is fulfilling bible prophecy that a referendum should have been held on it before a referendum on Constitutional reform. There’s seemingly a wall of silence around it, coming from the people implementing it and the churches.

It’s coming by deception and all these attractive packages.  If you tell people today you are giving them the mark of the beast 6.6.6 probably the majority will take it because of what they will see as the importance of it.

But there is a way seemeth right to a man but the end thereof is the result for taking the mark of the beast.

Friends, the call of God today, at this time in earth’s history is to come out of Babylon, that runs this world system and the word of God for today is Repent.

Read Revelation Chpt 13:16-18, chpt 14:9,11, Chpt 16, chpt 20:4 read the book and receive a blessing.

God bless you all.

 Derick Sealey

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