Uncomfortable feelings!!!

This letter is in response to some telephone calls which I received about the Grenada Nutmeg Industry and the GCNA.

It has been brought to my attention that the Government of Grenada has reportedly been allowing two  large Producers of nutmegs to Export Grenada Nutmeg “ultra vires” to the GCNA Act. If this is so, it is the first step in the breaking up or the demise of the Association (GCNA).

It has also been hinted that the Government has signed an agreement with the IMF to “liberalize” both the Grenada Cocoa Association and the Grenada Nutmeg Association.

In keeping with this situation, the GCNA meeting on last Thursday has decided to divest several of its  $66 million properties. Of particular interest are the properties at Lagoon Road or Kirani James Blvd., St.George and at Jubilee Street, Grenville, St. Andrew.

If this is so, it is a short-sighted view and it does not make good business sense.The GCNA should instead convert the BCN Plant at Lagoon Road to a  modern Spice grinding plant and Packaging Center.

I am willing to assist  the GCNA to so do:-

Instead the GCNA should consider urgently to establish OWNERSHIP of its properties by use of the vesting Act rather than the Conveyancing Act rather than waiting and talking about Capitallisation of the Assets. The former can be done much more quickly and easily.

In a previous document, I have shown the vast potential that Grenada Nutmeg has to double  and  quadruple its income – let us not waste time.

If  you all need help please, please give me a shout. The ball is in the GCNA’s court.

Dr.E. Reginald Buckmire, MBE

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