The irrationality of abortion

I have never been persuaded by the pro-choice, pro-abortion arguments in support of the killing of the unborn. For instance, they claim that abortion protects women’s health and safeguards women’s rights.

How many women are usually threatened with health issues on account of pregnancy Whose rights are being protected by anti-abortion laws, the woman’s or the unborn child? Isn’t medical science sufficiently advanced to handle a woman’s health issues without taking the life of the unborn?

Pre-born babies can now survive after lower levels of gestation than ever before. So then, an unborn child can be also birthed by means of Ceasarean section if his mother’s life is threatened. Besides, where is the maternal instinct which seeks a nobler goal, the well-being of the child?

The mother of Prime Minister Lloyd George of England was desperately poor. One winter all she had for a covering was a thin shawl or coat. She used it to wrap her baby son and with nothing to keep herself warm placed him in a cave and went for help. She died in the snow but her baby was found and lived to become Prime Minister of his country in World War I. Or, the mother whose baby was seized and carried off by an eagle. She managed to locate the eagle’s nest, climbed the steep crag where it was located and rescued her child.

Where is such courage, sacrifice, and selflessness these days? Thank God there are some mothers who are still like that. They have not permitted popular thinking and current trends to rob them of the spirit of true motherhood. Mother’s love is still current. May it never cease to exist among us.

Many women see child-bearing and child rearing as a great burden or inconvenience. They would rather choose career and partying above these age old practices. They feel it is their right to be free spirits rather than to rock the cradle of one who may one day rule the world.

It seems evident that virtue has given place to personal and societal values and the latter to plain vice. The qualities which made us strong have had to succumb to the Hollywood and Madison Gardens variety of fun and frolic.

Society has become so crass and its thinking so warped that all other living things except for viruses, bacteria, and pests are given priority over the unborn. Rights are often ascribed to those who do not deserve it nor are able to handle it responsible.

We hear such appeals as: spare the trees, especially the fruit trees; love your dog; stop killing the whales, take care of the environment, ensuring that wetlands are not destroyed so that birds and other creatures can have a safe haven to survive and thrive. Laws even exist to prevent cruelty to animals and those who champion the cause of pets are lauded as heroes and heroines.

But what about the rights of the unborn? Should they not be protected as well? After all even if some consider them pieces of protoplasm or mere fetuses are they not humans who are at least in process of development? They live in the most dangerous environment – their mother’s womb.

In the very place where they ought to be safest they are faced with the greatest threat to their existence. The mother who is supposed to be their host is often their greatest enemy collaborating with external predators to destroy them. Fathers are often involved in the carnage and are many times foremost in recommending the termination of the life of the unborn, even to the point of financing the project.

One man confessed to me that he had aborted eleven of the unborn who were conceived by mothers whom he had impregnated. In spite of efforts on the part of many to justify the sin of abortion it is still murder because it is the non-biblical termination of a life that has been conceived. No attempt to justify this evil can make it right.

Not only is it tragic that the unborn are aborted but deadly are the methods used in their abortion. These cannot be described in lesser terms than cruel and unusual punishment. But for what? Those who promote the abolition of capital punishment do so on the grounds that it is cruel and unusual. Do the same persons make similar observation concerning the even deadlier and more inhumane methods used to destroy the unborn who are guilty of no crime? Are the rights of criminals of greater significance than that of innocent, pre-born, children? I suppose what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

In some places hypodermic needles are used to dispatch prisoners on death row. But with the unborn that is the most “humane method.” They use needles alright to inject saline solution into the uterus and burn the poor helpless creature. But they also push a pair of scissors into the base of the brain or cut his neck with a surgeon’s scalpel.

This can be done even up to the moment before the baby emerges from the womb in the latest form of late term abortion. Besides, millions of the unborn have been sliced and diced in the Dilation and Cutelage procedure.

Amazingly, doctors and nurses engage in these activities or look on with a spirit of apathy and callousness befitting the German Gestapo in Hitler’s concentration camps during the Holocaust. Meanwhile, the hapless pre-born writhes in pain and anguish with screams which cannot be heard and agony which cannot be articulated – while God and all heaven weep.

We condemn Jihad John and his nefarious colleagues for beheading people in Syria, Libya, and Iraq – and rightly so. We are horrified at the burning of a pilot in an iron cage for an act of war that normally earns a place behind a barbed wire fence.

Yet for years the Jihad Johns in Planned Parenthood and their affiliates in the U.S., Canada, and other places have been churning out similar degrees of cruelty and inhumanity in their abortion mills. They are being paid fat sums in government subsidies as well as grants from their billionaire promoters.

China alone accounts for 242 million abortions in fifty years and America 48 million since Rowe vs Wade, besides millions more in Europe, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Abortion is also being pushed with a vengeance in Africa.

My heart bleeds for the unborn! They stand little chance of survival in a world which is hostile to them and bent on their destruction. Never has a living entity had so many allied against it. They are truly on the endangered list. The mightiest nations on earth with financial and military muscle are co-belligerents against the feeble human fetus with none but God and a handful of caring humans on his side.
The parents who agreed to the abortion as well as the doctors, nurses, and the health service providers all stand guilty before God for the dastardly and inhuman deed of abortion. The nations which either pass laws to legalise it or otherwise permit it and remain silent about it are just as accountable to God.

Many do not fully realise the ramifications of abortion. While the unborn baby suffers, society suffers most of all. The unborn is the victim of society’s love affair with sadism but at the same time society is also engaging in self-destructive masochism. By torturing and destroying the unborn it is torturing and destroying itself. It is a sadistic/masochistic cocktail.

I will hasten to say to those who have committed abortions that God is merciful and will forgive your evil deed if you will confess it as sin and ask his forgiveness. You may have taken your son’s life but God gave his Son for your sins that you might live. No psychologist can help you; only God can. he can give you a new start in life. (John 3:16; 5:24).

Additionally, abortion impacts the conscience of the fathers whether they initiated, agreed, or disagreed with the act. Because of their masculinity they may appear impassive and unaffected but they experience, nonetheless, the pangs of guilt in varying degrees. Abortion also impacts society, imposing a corporate guilt on all of us. We have blood on our hands because we have permitted or practiced this evil among us. Corporate evil demands corporate repentance.

Since children are a heritage from God and the product of the womb is his reward then how dare we destroy the unborn? John the Baptist was filled with the Spirit of God from the womb and rejoiced within his Elizabeth’s uterus as though he were within a temple.

Imagine destroying someone so tiny yet being a receptacle of the Spirit of God with the potential to worship God? Every child who is aborted is a heritage lost and a reward forfeited. They will never be retrieved and we will be the poorer for it.

It is time to come to terms with the fact that we are working against the purpose of God and or own profit by destroying the unborn. Their blood is crying out to God from the ground for justice and they will get it in due time. Society needs to change its mindset and begin once again to value life from the womb to the tomb. That would be the rational thing to do.

Alfred Horsford

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