Living like salves in G’da

How do we save an ailing economy?

With a population of under 110,000 people I want to know how did Grenada accumulate debts reaching 2.6 billion dollars because Grenada is a small state economy that should be manageable and yet we continue to plummet in debt.

Who is going to explain this astronomical figures to us? Where did we go wrong? Who are the ones to take the blame for all of this financial catastrophe?

Mr Prime Minister, are you the problem or were you a major player in all of this fiasco? Can we then say that it was the previous administration that must take the fall for all of this financial woes that we are presently faced with at this moment?

This is tricky and am sure everyone will keep pointing fingers at one another but I’m certain that someone has to take the blame for all of these financial woes and the guilty person or persons know who they are.

Instead of pulling ourselves out of this mess, we continue to sink more in quicksand at rapid speed. What I can’t understand is how did we get there and as we sink further who is going to take us out of this financial woes.

Mr PM, are you looking towards the (IMF) International Monetary Fund and the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) to get us out. Recently, your government was advised by CARTAC, an extended arm of the IMF that is responsible for supervising the SAP, they have advised that three of the state-owned bodies Gravel and Concrete, MNIB and HAG must be put up for sale.

The problems that existed with these bodies are simple and plain “CORRUPTION”. There was too much corruption and too many square pegs in round holes. Some of those who were in managerial positions really exploited the state resources.

I think that is rather unfair to us the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique and those persons involved should be put on trial and brought before a tribunal and held accountable for “crimes against the state”.

We have allowed too many things to fall by the wayside without doing anything about it. If the IMF is our only hope and saviour we better start looking for other alternative ways and means of getting us out of this “Kaka” because it’s not looking good for us as a nation.

Mr Prime Minister and Economic Advisers – your plan for this country is not working. We need solutions and you are not giving us none – all we are getting from you is “projections” from you and your (IMF) International Monetary Fund Structural Adjustments Programme.

Mr Prime Minister, I must say this to you or repeat myself again: It’s only projections, not hope. Sir, Judas betrayed Christ for thirty pieces of silver but you “sold us into slavery to the IMF.”

Our country needs honest investors not exploiters – for many years Grenada has been raped by her own sons and daughters for she has been gang-raped by politicians who care more about their reputation and making a good name for themselves and leaving this nation to the dogs.

It is such a shame how those caretakers have treated sweet Grenada – there are those who brag about millions in assets but yet they have nothing invested here, not even a hot dog stand and yet we call ourselves patriots and saying how we love our country.

Words are wind so they say but I guess only for a few. There is so much that could have been done but yet we sit idly by doing nothing but fighting one another in the arena called Parliament not with swords but with words and displaying childish behaviour instead of working to build this nation of ours.

We find every man wants to claim his own glory while there are others who want to become a self acclaimed Emperor. They often forget the real reason why they were elected in office – it is to serve the people and not fulfill your own personal egos.

Now look at the state of our economy – it’s ailing with cancer. Instead of trying to get chemo yet we keep fighting about who did this and who did that while conditions remain guarded.

I’m feeling sorry for myself and this country that’s sinking under the helms of the saga boy politicians who keep playing with the truth and putting our lives at stake.

Our country never had to reach so much downhill – all because of mismanagement, bad spending, and due to one man’s ideology of playing high stakes with borrowed monies that was supposed to be spent wisely.

It is always said when cat has money it will never eat butter only cheese – that is what you called bad spending. Charity begins at home and it has always thought us about economising. Now we are captained by the very said man that caused us to be shipwrecked in icy frozen waters and I don’t see us moving out of it anytime soon, not even in the near future.

It can only happen when we have the right persons at the helm of things – steering the ship. So many governments have come and gone yet few created any real investment opportunities for this country.

It is really bleeding my heart to see the kind of selfish love these men and women have for Grenada and 98% of our state-owned resources have been sold over the years by various governments and the little that is left can “hardly block a hole”.

The state-owned Grenada Ports Authority is one of the major revenue earners but there is so much that these revenues can do to meet the needs of this country.

What is it that we can show for progress – is it new buildings that you often boast about? Let me tell you this Mr PM, that means nothing to us because if it cannot bring in any revenue it’s not worthy of recognition.

How do we curb the ongoing problems that is crippling our economy? Growth is at an all time low, the unemployment rate is high and no matter how hard political pundits try to put decorative icing on the cake and make it seems like all is well, the elite few know that it’s only glitter over gold because it’s a fake report that was made to look real but it’s not.

Lots of Caribbean economies are in trouble. Trinidad our neighbour in south can no longer enjoy Champagne for breakfast anymore or be the safety net for many Caribbean islands because oil prices has plummeted all over the world.

The price per barrel of oil has declined drastically which has put a big dent in the Trinidadian economy. The PM down there has already announced austerity measures and recovery is a long way of.

The Barbadian economy has been struggling to stay afloat, tourism was once thriving and the Bajan economy flourished reaping all the benefits that came with it, but sad to say instead of eating cornbread they are now having crackers without salmon or tuna.

Thousands of job cuts have taken place, unemployment is at an all high. Yet we continue to say that things are improving in Grenada and there has been growth in the economy.

I have done the research and continue to follow the world economy – it does not look good at all for us here in the Caribbean.

The banking sector is in deep trouble over delinquent customers and bad investments yet everything is swept under the carpet giving a false sense of hope and masquerading with happy faces.

The recession is far from over for many of the world’s economy – take a look at what’s happening with Greece and the Euro Zone, look how she is sinking and yet everyone dragging their feet over the situation.

It is always said, “when your neighbour’s house is on fire, please wet yours”. Here in Grenada we don’t have any powerhouses that we can depend on to fulfill our financial obligations but to keep running to the IMF for quick fix solutions, which I find rather tax burdening on the people of the country.

I think too much rules and regulations are involved, it’s like they want to run our country by their rules. If we continue to allow that to happen, we will eventually continue to become slaves to that system.

Consider yourself to be slaves to the IMF – we may not be on the auction block as yet but soon we will.

Brian Joseph

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