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At his lecture at SGU on March 13, speaking on the topic: “The Grenada Revolution, Foreign Policy and Development of Small Island States in the Present International Environment”, the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerritt said that the most important lesson for the contemporary leaders of the region ”is the imperative and the special responsibility to speak out clearly and loudly against any infringement of the fundamental freedoms that our fore-parents so desperately fought for”.

Here I am left wondering what are the “freedoms” he refers to? Could it be the “freedom” to speak only good things about the revolution? Could it be the “freedom” to be sent to Richmond Hill Prison for criticising the revolution? It is generally estimated that about 3,000 Grenadians were locked up for opposing the government.

Or could it be the freedom with which “Comrade” Bishop imported electric torture machines from Eastern European countries? These machines were widely used during the revolution and this is very well documented, including the report by Russell Budhlall that he had the “wand” of the torture machine inserted in his anus and that afterwards he was unable to pass his stool properly.

Or the “freedom” with which Rastafarians were kidnapped and placed into slavery, growing vegetables for the soldiers of the Peoples’ Revolutionary Army.

Let’s face it. Roosevelt Skerrit was born in June 1972, which means that on March 13, 1979, he was but six years old. And by October 1983, when the revolution ended, he was still only 11 years old.

So this “little boy” was not here during the revolutionary years and knows NOTHING about the revolution apart from what he has been told or what he has read, most of which would be Marxist propaganda.

And he presumes to come to our country and tell us what he does not know about? Fresh little boy!

Next Skerrit asks – how it is that the USA did not pounce on Gairy because of his fascist behaviour and alliances with Chile’s Pinochet, yet they did invade Grenada during the revolution?

Well the US never invaded all the time that Grenada was associating with such states as the Soviet Union, North Korea, East Germany, etc. etc. They invaded after the USSR built a runway in Grenada capable of accommodating military aircraft that could strangle the shipping lines carrying oil from the Middle East through the Panama Canal to the Western coast of the USA.

Then he goes on to glorify the present relations with China as opposed to those of Taiwan.

Bahamian Marvin Coleby assessed the China situation thus:

“MONTREAL, Canada, Wednesday March 18, 2015 – Caribbean leaders and politicians, as they tend to do, ignore the long-term effects of unregulated Chinese investment projects. Their concerns hardly extend beyond their political terms and the short-term economic gain.

Chinese investment throughout the region is dominated by state-owned enterprises owned by the Chinese government. Caribbean resources are increasingly owned by the Chinese state, and not, as they have historically been, simply by private investors.

For this reason, among others, our leaders’ irresponsibility is detrimental to the long-term sustainability and independence of the region. Chinese state-owned enterprises own over $690 billion in investments abroad. Our region is but a small fraction of that staggering number.”

According to Skerrit, we should develop ties with states that were on the other side during the Cold War. That is, states such as Russia, Iran and North Korea. Currently Russia is perceived by the West as a dictator. Iran is well-known to have a repressive regime in control. North Korea is a bad joke, a huge prison where people are fed on propaganda and in many cases starved of real food.

Skerrit recommends Venezuela as an ally, an oil-rich country on the brink of ruin due to foolish Marxist policies of Chavez. He fails to see the Marxist plan to buy our goodwill in order to get us on their side.

He says that the Grenada Revolution was, without question “the most significant historical episode in the Caribbean in the 20th century”. What did it signify? Yet another failed attempt to establish a communist paradise?

Gregory Thomas

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