The death of a revolution

Grenadians always tend to shy away from the truth when it comes to the Grenada Revolution which was led by the marxist revolutionary leader. “our beloved Maurice Bishop”who was born in Aruba of Grenadian parentage.

He was the son of Rupert and Alimenta Bishop, both deceased. Maurice was hailed as a hero when he overthrew the then Prime Minister, Sir Eric Matthew Gairy, leader of the GULP (Grenada United Labour Party).

I have always seen Sir Eric as being the Stalin of Russia, the man that embraced communism that professed equal treatment for all but yet behind it, he committed many terrible atrocities against his people.

Stalin had secret police and Sir Eric had the Mongoose Gang. Stalin was the one who defeated Adolf Hitler in battle, he was hailed a hero by his people and he got all the recognition worthy of any great hero.

He was loved by his people but he turned that love into hatred – that’s how he repaid them. He was no different than his predecessor, Lenin the man who started the Russian Revolution and who turned on the very said people who were hailed as heroes of the revolution.

The sailors who were always at the forefront of battle when called upon they were always on the frontline and yet they were brutally executed by the very said leader they fought for.

Sir Eric was no saviour as he was hailed by the people. Grenadians have canonised him by making him a saint. He came on the scene in a period when Grenadians knew not better because they had  endured enough hardship under colonial rule from Britain and her loyal subjects.

The word that was out then was, “that the little black man from the east will appear to save them”. How laughable! It’s amazing to see how brainwashed we all can be when we allow others to play tricks on our minds with their idiotic ideology and that took manifestation in the minds and hearts of Grenadians.

Messengers were sent out to proclaim his coming and many Grenadians took the bait and grew on it but latter down the road they felt the weight of what real dictatorship meant.

Grenadians were fooled by the little man from the east’s concept – how gullible we can be. It was only meant to keep persons under subjection while he established himself as dictator of Grenada.

His idea and concept came from his friend and best buddy Augusto Pinochet, the dictator of Chile who ruled with the iron fist, Pinochet himself assumed power through a coup, he overthrew President Salvador Allende, the very said man that made him Commander-in-Chief of the army.

A few years aback, Pinochet was charged for crimes against humanity but unfortunately he was never put on trial because he died in custody.

It is always said that birds of a feather flock together. I’m sure many of you remember the ruthless Mongoose Gang that reined terror on many Grenadians so don’t play you all forget unless you want history to repeat itself.

I am not saying Sir Eric did not do any good, he did but the saint Grenadians made him out to be he was not so because when it comes to the Grenada Revolution you get so much negative comments.

I have always believed the revolution had to happen because Sir Eric was too comfortable in his own skin – he was on a charade thinking he was the Grand Marshall of Grenada hence a shake up was needed because when elections were held it was not fair and square.

There was always allegations that he cheated and it is always said, “that all actions have consequences”.

I guess that the Revo had to come because he (Gairy) did not play the game right. I always viewed coup d’état as being Divine intervention from God – that was Sir Eric’s punishment for his stubborn ways.

Under the marxist revolutionary leader Maurice Bishop and the (NJM) New Jewel Movement, Grenada’s future was bright and fulfilling because Maurice had vision for Grenada – lots of infrastructure, industries and Community Development projects were in place.

Under Maurice, Grenada prospered in so many ways-  he represented us abroad like a true statesman, his eloquent speeches marveled all and to me he was the MLK (Martin Luther King) of his days. Maurice had a purpose to fulfill and he did for he served with distinction.

Comrade Maurice was a pioneer and advocate for all Grenadians unlike a few that hated him like poison but that hatred never stopped him from being who he was.
It is sad to see the way he was taken out from this world – assassinated by his own people within his ranks.

I have always believed that the US had a hand in his assassination because of the countries he associated with – USSR and Cuba who were not allies of the United States.

The Americans saw Maurice as being too darn intelligent for his own good and he was too much of a treat to the US as Grenada being a small island state might have become the hub for the Soviet Union and Cuba in this part of the world.

I often wonder what were they afraid of. Do they think the Russians were going to come and occupy Grenada and form alliances with Cuba to wage war on the U.S.?

I think that was laughable. There was no need for them to be so insecure and even think that way. Is that the real reason why they invaded after Maurice’s death?

I saw no need for the invasion because Caribbean forces could have come in to restore law and order. We did not need all the bombardment the US forces came with.

The truth behind the killing of the revolution would never be known because the person and persons responsible will never be man or woman enough to come forward and tell us the truth.

We have been hearing so much twisted untrue stories, it will take many more years before we can finally change that and finally put closure to that chapter.
Many longed for healing, reconciliation and closure but every year that time comes around it’s more pain and anguish and bitter sentiments and words throwing at each other because someone keeps blaming the other.

I really wonder when will we ever be serious about it and let the truth be known – we have allowed his mom to die going to her grave and never knowing where her son’s body is.

There are too many lies and deceit from those who should be helping us heal and they are not doing so but rather creating more conflicts amongst our people.

How long can we keep this charade up? How long will it continue?
There is a younger generation of revolutionists who need to know the truth. Why and who killed the revolution?

Many hated Maurice for the coup d’état but on the other hand Sir Eric embraced a man that did the same thing in Chile and he ruled for 25 years as a dictator and he was a close friend and confidante. That is what you called double standards right in your face – “show me your friends I will tell you who you are”.

And yet you hate Maurice and embraced Sir Eric who embraced revolution in another man’s country. This situation my friends is food for thought. We really need to do some soul searching and see who the real enemies are.

Please examine yourselves and see who really helped cause the death of the Revolution. We are in a constant state of stupor and exhaustion – from so many lies and untold stories. When will the truth ever be told?

These are the words of our beloved Maurice Bishop and I quote, “All revolutions involve temporary dislocations and, for a period, it is always necessary to restrain the abuses and excesses of a violent or disruptive minority in the interests of consolidating the revolution and bringing concrete benefits to the long-suffering and formerly oppressed majority.”

Brian Joseph

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