The Master at work

Friends, countrymen, Grenadians, men of my own country Greetings:

It has been quite some time now since I promised to write an article after writing the one entitled the Ungrateful Master.

It is therefore incumbent now upon me at this time to write, when I see the manner in which my fellow countrymen are all being treated by those who are in authority – I can say they are treated as slaves.

During the last election campaign those who presently hold the reigns of Power today in their quest to get where they are today, made promises to the people of this country especially the debushers that they are going to put back the ($10) ten dollars that was taken from their pay by the past administration as soon as they get back in office.

It is 2 years since they have gotten back in office and up to this time they have not kept that promise.  Instead they increase their wages and the wages of other government employers together with their back pay.

Now the poor and vulnerable who were always in their mouths, they were left unattended, so one is left to wonder, where did the poor and vulnerable go since leaving the mouths of those politicians?

I remember someone told me the Master does not forget those who helped during election campaigns, he answered Yes! Yes! as the people say, “yes” does not go up a tree.

The Master did not forget those who helped him, he used them and dumped all of them, the last one to be dumped is a man on the Board.

They say he put this man on a Board then he conspired with others to dump him and he was dumped – ungratefulness continues in St.George South East.

I will not forget the young woman who was very instrumental in organising Mother’s Day parties and soliciting funds to pay buses to carry senior mothers to the venue of the party. She also played a great role in providing the musical thrills whenever the master did not remember. She was also dumped and dumping will continue.

The last thing I heard about Seppy Bullen is that he received three fool’s comforts from one of the Master’s servant called “She Grey” and one from the Master himself, who spoke to Seppy for the first time after almost 2 years at the Morne Jaloux recreation ground.

I am saying here and now the Master should never allow his own lice to bite him, he should do everything he could to avoid it.

Until next time.

The Peasant

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