Protecting the legacy

I am a firm supporter of the Prime Minister and would do anything possible to help him with his legacy.

The PM is getting on in age and some people might be determined to take advantage of this shortcoming.

It is not everything that the Doc will know and some persons will want to enrich themselves wrongfully and the blame will fall squarely on the man.

Sir, there is talk that government approached a number of private businesses for help in sprucing up the stadium for the cricket match.

The word on the ground is that a hotel was approached and decided to contribute $100, 000.00 for the stadium project and a cheque was made out to the Ministry of Sports.

Doc, I am, hearing that someone approached the hotel and asked them
to take back the cheque and make it out in the name of a particular individual which the hotel did.

If that is true Doc and I heard it from a good enough person then somebody is playing with fire and trying to do harm to your image.

Why would a hotel put a cheque for government work intended for the stadium on the name of any individual? This can’t be right because it is not transparent.

The opposition people are spreading word on the ground that the PM is doing more sleeping now than in the last 10-15 years and is not up to the job.

One of them came to me and said that a policeman informed him that Dr. Keith does leave the Gardens early and go back to Mt Royal to sleep after spending only a few hours at work.

If that is true then some people might use the opportunity to do wrongdoing while the Chief is asleep. That is why I will monitor them from now on and expose them to the PM. I am fully aware that the mice will come out to play while the cat is away.

Things already bad in the country and some supporters only want and want freeness. The PM would like to help and give more but he just cannot do it right now – may be down the road if things get a little better.

I was at a party meeting when I heard the PM tell us the supporters that we had it so good in the past that we must now assist and make sacrifices to help the country get out of the current situation.

The Doc is right because we had to borrow some millions well to do a few things in the country. It is now time for us to pay back from whom we borrowed and in order to do that all of us have to make sacrifices.

And I will stand up with the PM and help him to fight with all my might all those who are trying to pocket money under the counter like what I am hearing about the $100, 000.00 from the hotel for the stadium.

Strong PM Supporter

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