There can be no separation between March 13, 1979 and October 19, 1983.The thirty-two years since 1983 cannot dissolve that oneness as they marked the birth and death of the Grenada Revolution, respectively. Some may say that the noise of machine-gun fire on Ft Rupert is still as audible as the felt pain it inflicted on the Grenadian civilisation.

The events of October 19, 1983, did not occur uncontrollably or spontaneously. They were the end results of a grand plan of control and leadership take-over lasting over twelve months and masterminded by a section of the NJM. It is March 2015 and the hard core remnants of the Revolution, otherwise referred to as “Coardites,” a callous group of ‘mash-up’ vagabonds then in control of the PRA, have decided that the time has come for them to lay siege to the national stage.

Jobs are not enough; agricultural estates are not enough; government contracts are not enough; senatorial positions are not enough!

The remnants want state power, again! So they commence a public march towards that goal on March 16, 2015, for which purpose they are inviting Grenadians to hear from a ‘soft’ Socialist in the person of the Prime Minister of Dominica. It is like putting on gloves over steel hands! Deception and confusion are assured.

These very individuals had the belly to execute their fellow comrades for power and so it should come as no surprise that they have the guts to purport to speak as custodians of that which they themselves destroyed in 1983. The Grenada Revolution was destroyed by an elitist group of NJM members on the presumption that they best understood socialist ideology, as required to take the Revolution forward. The people did not matter! Respect for life did not matter! Some were convicted and jailed, others remained free. Today, they are all enjoying personal freedom and the constitutional right to form or to belong to associations of their choice.

Curiously, the invitation to the Public Lecture on March 16 is not issued in furtherance of ‘Project Grenada’, even though the hosts are among the loudest proponents of that decoy. Specifically, they include a certain covert revolutionary high priest practising law, members of the infamous ‘Grenada 17’, the President of the Senate, a Green Street-based trade unionist and any number of new commercial farmers operating at La Digue, to name a few. They may all be seen at the Trade Centre Monday evening, exposing their true identity.

It is already known that many who were deeply involved in the Revolution are not involved in hosting the event. The point here is that it is a certain segment of the remnants who own the newly formed Grenada Revolution Memorial Foundation Inc. These are the same group of people who declared sole ownership of the Revolution in October 1983 and proceeded to bastardise the Grenadian civilisation.

Can they explain to the public why they have not involved Victor Burke, Chris De Riggs, Glen Noel and others in the planning of this event?  Will they publish a list of all the members of the Grenada Revolution Memorial Foundation Inc. and of Groundation Grenada? Can they tell the people why they preach unity in their contrived relationship with the NNP, but are hell bent on building their own political identity?

Can they tell the people why, having accepted moral responsibility (Coard) for the October tragedy and felt responsibility for the soldiers on Fort Rupert (Ewart Layne), they refuse to give an honest account of their decisions and actions in 1983?  Will they ever come clean and tell us why they never felt any responsibility to the people of Grenada?

Be assured that they will not be open with the public, but it is clear that there is no political innocence here. They are beginning a political movement! That is why they are bold enough to announce a youth arm called “Groundation”.

Already they have publicised a set of objectives, including, “fostering a spirit of reconciliation among persons affected by the Grenada Revolution and its demise”! Those are put on show to soften their public image, but cannot conceal their deception as they have not even sought to reconcile among themselves as former members of the NJM, PRG and PRA, as a first step.

However, more worrisome are the political objectives which they are holding close to their chests. There is a certain vision attaching to the process they are commencing, that is, to see Grenada back in revolutionary hands, building socialism, staging military manoeuvres, fighting imperialism, putting critics under heavy manners, suspending the Constitution and denying human rights to the citizens.

Grenadians can expect the Public Lecture to deal at length with US/Venezuela relations in the context of a verbal feast on sovereignty, anti-imperialism and revolutionary solidarity. Talking about sovereignty, recently the local sovereign had no means of backing up his boast and was forced to swallow an Oriental walkout in his own Caribbean capital! Actually, the choice of topic says a whole lot.

Given the declared objectives and out of respect for the Grenadian people, one might have expected the first lecture to examine issues of democracy, power and human rights in small Caribbean states. Perhaps, the topic might have been, “Money, Corruption and Dictatorship in Small Island States”, or “What is the role of the Military in Governance”? October 19, 2014 has just passed, but the Grenada
Revolution Memorial Foundation did not offer the public an opportunity to learn and to reconcile. Clearly, they cannot lay claim to March 13, but disown October 19!

It is right for us to engage in public discourse on all aspects of the Grenada Revolution. It is also right for the young people to be educated on these matters, as we must not live in historical denial.

However, it cannot be right for the youth of Grenada to be fed half-truths, regularly described as “mistakes” without factual honesty or a spirit of remorse.

It cannot be right for a group of people to perceive an opportunity and to pursue same as if nothing happened on October 19, 1983, for which they must bear total and unconditional responsibility. It cannot be right for a small clique to be allowed to ‘mash-up’ Grenada one more time!

So come March 16, the conversation will ensue, but will hardly be helpful. The speaker will have a script worth reading, but the people of Grenada will feel the pain, refreshed and re-ignited. After all, Shakespeare was so right when he declared, “Beware the ides of March”!

William Joseph

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