Chess, please write the book

I am an avid reader and will read anything about the history of Grenada.

In the past few months, I have enjoyed reading books written by Ewart Layne and Teddy Victor.

It is not that I agree with everything that these two people have written but they gave their own perspectives of the Grenada Revolution.

Layne was a participant in the actual overthrow of Gairy on the morning of March 13, 1979, and many of the things that he wrote in the book are true because I heard them before from family members who were active in the army.

My only disappointment with the book is that Layne did not do justice to October 19, 1983, the day that the beloved Comrade Leader, Brother Maurice and others were killed on the fort.

It is one or two things – either Layne is hiding something or plan to write another book in which he would finally tell the truth to the Masses about the killing of Bro. Bishop.

The next book that I am looking forward to reading is one from Bro. Chester Humphrey, the man who has been involved in our politics for over 40 years.

Bro. Chess, stop pushing this stupidness about “Project Grenada” and stay home in the night and sit around the table and write the bloody book.

Bro. Chess has been around even before the days of the formation of
NJM and was a regular in Parliament as a Senator since the days of NDC under Sir Nicholas Brathwaite. He only spent a few months out of the Senate after the 2013 elections but was back under Dr. Mitchell as part of the “Project Grenada” ploy.

Many folks think it is time for Bro. Chess to write the book and explain his role in the shipment of arms and ammunition for NJM to help overthrow Gairy.

Bro. Chess must also tell us in the book how he manged to flee the United States while on bail. He must also set the record straight on whether anyone within the current NNP leadership stood bail for him or assisted in getting a bailor for him after the Yankee imperialists arrested and charged him for gun-running to his homeland.

Did the Cubans play any role in helping to ship this Trade Union  Comrade out of the U.S? If Bro. Chess writes the book it will be a best seller and turn him into a multi-millionaire overnight. He can then use that money to go into retirement and even pay off the little ca-ca-da that his former Comrades say he still owe to Gravel & Concrete and not servicing too regular.

Chess, these Revolutionary Comrades are saying that you owe Gravel & Concrete a few thousands for years now and that if you were making monthly payments of $300 and $500 the balance of about $4500 would have been wiped out by now.

This man is hardly paying Gravel & Concrete but every day is demanding big bucks from business owners for his members.

That alone can be a chapter in the long overdue book from Comrade Chester Arlington Humphrey, the most decorated trade union leader now living on the island.

The only draw back for Bro. Chess in his career is that he is the only President of the Senate who is afraid to travel to the U.S because of those gun-running charges from which he flee back in the days of the Revo.

Putin Humphrey

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