Open letter to Dr. Keith


I supported the New National Party (NNP) in the 2013 general elections because I believed in the many promises that were made especially the creation of jobs.

Our family is very large – my mother, father and seven brothers and sisters – so it is a lot of mouths to be fed every day.

We are now worst off under NNP than under Tillman and Nazim Burke. At least my father did not have to find so much money to buy school books each year for the children.

As a family that came from a labour background, we used to support GULP because of the many good things that Sir Eric did for us.

The NNP got the votes of my father and mother in 1995, 1999, 2003 and again in 2013.

The family went the way of NDC in 2008 because it was time for a change. We went back to NNP in 2013 because things were really hard in the country – prices were rising almost each day and the small man was really feeling the pressure under NDC.

But Doc, things are now worst under NNP. Where are the thousands of jobs that were promised? Where are the investors? Even the little road work is only given now and then – that can’t put food on the table.

My family did not cater for the things that NNP are now delivering. Instead of investors and jobs, it is taxes and taxes.

Like big mouth Godfrey keep saying on the radio, “NNP promised to deliver but they did not tell us what they will be delivering”.

Doc, we never really catered for the things that are now happening in the country – taxes left right and centre.

The small man is really hurting and balling out each and every day because he never catered for the taxes.

Doc, what is happening in the country reminds me of a song that a kaiso man from Carriacou sang about Joan Purcell. The Kayaks voted for Joan but never catered for her criticising them for having a barrel mentality.

Doc, you cannot forget that kaiso about, “We never catered for that”.

Well, Sir, we voted for you again in 2013 to throw out NDC but your legacy will be one of Taxes and Taxes  and more Taxes.

The country is at a standstill – no jobs for many. We never really catered for that.

A big thing was made about the Silver Sands hotel and construction workers and truck men were smiling because they expected work on the project.

But if you pass on the Grand Anse main road now the project is back in bushes. The bush get so big that they are now covering all the green fence that was put up.

Doc, it looks like the only people who will get work on that so-called project site will be those who have a weedeater and do a little debushing.

Is that what we are getting, Doc? Sir, I can tell you that we never catered for what we are now getting and seeing happening in the country.

Doc, we don’t really like Nazim Burke and would have liked to see Franka as the NDC leader. But that does not mean to say that we might not go the way of NDC because Peter and Chester Humphrey cannot be trusted.

We also do not like the Bishop man around you – the one that used all those dirty bad words that can be heard all over the Internet.

As for that one, he is a pure opportunist and cannot be trusted. Doc, you might have to put Special Branch to monitor his every movement and see who he is going around. You might be surprised to hear what is being said in the grapevine about that one.

Disappointed NNP Voter

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