The sale of a Suck-eye

If it were an episode of Mission Impossible it would begin with Jim being provided with a small disc with instructions sounding a bit like this: ‘Your mission Jim, should you accept, is to proceed to Mon Rush with a front end loader, scrape a load of gravel off the ground and place it into a nearby truck. By the way Jim, do not forget to collect your fee for the gravel. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds’.

However this is no episode of Mission Impossible. It is a real life drama unfolding before our eyes. It is a matter involving the sale of Gravel and Concrete Corporation as advertised by the Government of Grenada in a recent newspaper along with it all our relate natural resources.

This does not change the sheer simplicity of the corporation’s mission and its day to day operations as set up by statute in 1985. Along with loading trucks with gravel, the organisation also dabbles in a wide range of concrete and concrete related products developed over the years as part of a strategic diversification plan.

Apart from Mon Rush, gravel and mining operations are also carried out at Queen’s Park and Telescope. Rock mining operations entails the crushing of a variety of aggregates such as armor rock and boulders.

The operations of the organisation could not be simpler. Trinidadians call it a suck-eye. The Americans call it a slam dunk or a no-brainer.

So why would anyone with a modicum of sanity want to give away a suck-eye operation? Probably the operative terms here are ‘modicum’ and ‘sanity’ and the framers of this plan should be thoroughly tested for both. It seems that the collective management simply lacks the operating capability to put systems in place to ensure the viability of this operation.

It has become the norm to assign persons of dubious intellect and mental tenacity – notwithstanding their paper qualifications – to hold high end management positions within this corporation with little or no regard for their ability to perform the functions required and in most cases with no evidence of their track record in the operational control of a corporation.

Further, what exactly is the government selling? This organisation has only two assets. A selection of clapped-out, knackered plant and equipment and an unvalued stock of God’s gravel and stones. Since no one would be interested in purchasing the obsolete plant and equipment that leaves the gravel and stones. Is the Government of Grenada seriously proposing to sell the stock of gravel and stones given unto us by God and which we have been living by since the end of slavery? This cannot be a serious preposition.

This organisation has only one problem, that is, a political problem. Successive governments have used it as their backyard dumping all and sundry into the mix without due regard for their ability to function within the scope of the operations. The result is several years of abuse of political power culminating in a sorry excuse for a state corporation which the current government lacks the cojones to deal with properly.

In its current quest to be all things to all man and under the guise of Pure Grenada the current administration has decided to burn the entire church to roast a proverbial corn.

So here is the full extent of the degenerate plan: (1). Close down the operations of the Corporation. (2). Call one of their smart-man friends and ask them to come with money. (3). That friend shall assume the debts of the Corporation including the severance pay to the staff and in return take control of all God’s gravel and stones given unto us.

Probably it has been established that Grenadians are in Sponge Bob mode and soaking up all that is thrown at them including the fencing of their beaches for a non-existent hotel. Or probably the country is all of a sudden populated by thirsty drakes whose only consideration on a day to day basis is where is the next meal coming from? So any nut-head who dangles a dollar before them gets to jump in the saddle and ride.

Apparently they are well aware that this generation lacks the ability to come together to say no to wrong doing and injustice. They have created a society where everyone is so wrapped up in their own skins, battling their own personalised struggles and foraging through the concrete rubble to eke out a living that they have no time to neither see nor participate in the affairs of the country as a whole.

The beauty of justice is that it has no time limit. Even if it is one hundred years from now the children of this nation shall rise against the stupidity of their foreparents and reclaim God’s gravel and stones and once again mine it conscientiously for their well-being, provided of course that the entire supply is not consumed by Trinidad by that time.

It is written, long before our time, that justice shall come to the poor and the evil that men do will live after them.


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